Rumor has it that the Cousins wants to return to the Warriors. We could use the shooting/rebounding/passing but his defense makes me feel icky. I guess he wouldn't be bad as a situational rotation player with high upside. He hasnt played well this year, but in his last couple games he had begun playing much more efficiently.

I'm a bit worried that he might eat into Wiseman's minutes which is a big no no. On the other hand, I would certainly love for Wiseman to learn from a center with DMC's skillset. Imagine Wiseman who plays good defense + is a bruising center who excels in rebounders/passing/shooting? I'm salivating.

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Here's how the Warriors stats look like after playing all of the games in March:


13 in points scored (112.7)

21 in points in paint (45.7)

6 in fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!! (14.5)

22 in offensive efficiency

16 in shooting % (46.3%)

14 in three point % (37.0%)

15 in two point % (53.1%)

30 in off. rebound % (17.2%)

26 in def. rebound % (76.3%)

30 in total rebound % (47.2%)

13 in opponent blocks (4.7)

15 in opponent steals (7.4)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (27.6)

23 in turnovers (14.7)


23 in points allowed (113.6)

12 in opponent points in paint (46.5)

21 in opponent fastbreak points (12.9)

8 in defensive efficiency

5 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!! (45.3%)

15 in opponent three point % (36.9%)

3 in opponent two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (50.6%)

16 in blocks (4.9)

10 in steals!! (8.0)

9 in opponent assists!!! (24.0)

5 in opponent turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!! (15.4)

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Wiseman had a couple rebounds in this game where he snatched it basically from the hands of a teammate. It makes sense to tell him to get every rebound you can get your hands on as passiveness has definitely caught him a few times this season. Is there somewhere to see whether the Dubs have been outrebounded with him on court vs off?

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Unlike previous games, seems like Wiseman was getting primarily used as P&R partner with Steph (or Wiggs - this seems new). Almost every game before, Dray will feed him (in post or as a lot threat) a number of times. I didnt see that this game.

Also Wiseman didn't seem to mind contact on defensive rebounds. Seems like with simplified offense, he is able to focus and use his energy on rebounds and D.

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I think this game was getting close to optimal for this group of players. Steph obviously leads the way, but you can see that Dray is much more engaged when Steph plays. Also, Wigs and KO getting about 40 combined is nice. Youngsters plainly have a long way to go, but at least they’re in the right roles (IMO). This isn’t a great or even good team. But you can picture this squad in one’s mind with Klay, the Minny pick, the Dubs pick, maybe Jessup and you can see how they can grow in 2 years or so into a really good maybe even title contending team. Exciting times in my view.

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He's not flashy but Looney quietly had an amazing game. Some stellar defensive play blocking Levine and not giving up anything easy. His +17 and Wisemans -8 are very telling as well, I wonder if/ when Wiseman will start being an overall plus compared to Looney ( to my eye it's not very close yet as for every 2 points he scores he gives up 3 on the other end). Next year feels possible but still like quite a stretch...

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Insane how much better everyone on the team played this game (except the DNPs, sorry).

Even on defense and in the minutes where Steph was, uh, leaning on the bench, guys were working out there, getting rebounds, giving up hardly any easy shots, forcing turnovers... on offense, the Bulls obviously suck, and the team took full advantage, but the Kangz defense also sucks and the guys did not do especially well against Sac at finding cuts, making lobs, or just actually getting shots to go into the basket into the basket.

Aside from the awkward, concerning, and delicate way Steph was catching his falls, he looked like his usual self. Dray stepped up and played great. Poole didn't rail as many threes but he still played well. Bazemore had a stretch early in the 4th where he almost singlehandedly denied the Bulls a chance at getting back in (staying in?) the game. Lee had a few clutch plays. Mannion looked less lucky but alright. Oubre had a kind of bad shooting night (he was tunnel visioning too hard) but he did a great job rebounding. Wiggins played like a guy who's worth theb lucrative contract he has.

Wiseman, though, hoo boy what an improvement. He was still a touch slow on some things, and some of those mistakes cost him. But he made the right play several more times, did better figuring out what his teammates would do and complementing that instead of getting in the way of it, and had some nice scores. Agreed with some people in the game thread, his second best game of the season so far, after San Antonio. Amazing what a little practice can do.

Also, holy shit thank the refs for not calling every little bit of contact a foul. Some guys didn't get all the calls they wanted but the game had a good flow and there were no obvious screwups. One of the best reffed games of the year IMO.

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Was it the refs or the D actually avoiding fouls? Either way the Bulls shot the lights out in the first and only had 28 points because they had no free throws. Maybe there’s something to just not fouling when you don’t quite have it on D and just take the ball out of the basket and run the way the Warriors did in the first quarter.

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Loved seeing Curry & the off ball cutting by everyone making sure they took advantage of the Bulls D. If the refs called every game like this one that would make watching really nice. Most impressive was the defensive improvement and still plenty to go.

You knew it was their night when Draymond hit that logo 3.

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Had to watch this one on delay, but worth the wait as all my NBA dreams came true....



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I missed the past couple games but today it looks like Wiseman wasn't getting too hard on himself. Maybe all that was needed for him to start and to play a good amount of minutes.

Every little mistake was probably annoying him even more because he had short stints and would get pulled from the game a lot. Honestly maybe the front office forcing Kerr to play Wiseman is a good thing.

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Mar 30, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Notable stats:


Vucevic: (-3)

21 points 9/13 FGs 0/4 three pointers 3/3 FTs

9 rebounds (1 off.) 6 assists 2 turnovers 1 block

Williams: (-3)

14 points 7/13 FGs 0/1 three pointer

6 rebounds 4 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal 1 block

Satoransky: (-8)

14 points 6/11 FGs 1/3 three pointers 1/1 FT

2 rebounds (2 off.) 8 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal

Markkanen: (-5)

13 points 5/9 FGs 3/4 three pointers

6 rebounds 1 assist 1 turnover

Young: (-7)

10 points 5/6 FGs 0/1 three pointer

4 rebounds (1 off.) 2 assists 3 turnovers 1 steal 1 block


Curry: (+16)

32 points 11/24 FGs 6/14 three pointers 4/5 FTs

5 rebounds (1 off.) 6 assists 1 turnover 1 steal

Wiggins: (+12)

21 points 8/15 FGs 3/5 three pointers 2/2 FTs

3 rebounds 5 assists 3 turnovers 2 steals 1 block

Green: (+12)

11 points 4/7 FGs 3/5 three pointers

5 rebounds 9 assists 3 turnovers 1 steal 1 block

Looney: (+17)

0 points 0/2 FGs

4 rebounds (2 off.) 4 assists 1 steal 1 block

Wiseman: (-8)

12 points 6/8 FGs

5 rebounds (2 off.) 1 turnover 4 blocks

Oubre: (+7)

18 points 8/19 FGs 0/3 three pointers 2/2 FTs

11 rebounds (4 off.) 1 steal

Bazemore: (+8)

9 points 4/4 FGs 1/1 three pointer

3 rebounds (1 off.) 1 turnover 2 steals 1 block

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Mar 30, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Final stats:


52.4% shooting (44/84 FGs)

6/24 three pointers

8/11 FTs

39 rebounds (8 off.)

33 assists

20 turnovers

8 steals

5 blocks


50.0% shooting (46/92 FGs)

16/38 three pointers

8/9 FTs

39 rebounds (10 off.)

28 assists

15 turnovers

9 steals

8 blocks

Points in paint:

Bulls: 58

Warriors: 46

Fastbreak points:

Bulls: 15

Warriors: 11

Points off turnovers:

Bulls: 15

Warriors: 19

Bench points:

Bulls: 31

Warriors: 22


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Steph sat pretty early in the 4th, guess his night ended early. Looking in the rear view it was probably a good decision. He did all of that in 30 minutes, guess he's not a bum after all.

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