(23-24) Steph returns and overcomes Bulls, no ifs ands or butts

Wiseman looks more together after finally getting to practice

Also, the game thread sets a record for most butt jokes.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • Wiggs follows a bad post feed with an immediate steal back

  • Wiseman looks more assertive on the defensive glass. Also there’s been a crapload of PNR with Wiseman.

  • Whoa that was tricky footwork for Steph to fake the shot pick up in the middle of a step back... haven’t seen that before.

  • Warriors running a lot more east-west screens and cuts than usual. They’ve installed some new stuff to let Wiseman set screens in PNR without just moseying up to the top of the key.

  • I wonder if someday dribbling on your knees will become a standard move

  • [On Dray’s 3 coming back] Don’t cry for what we lost, laugh for what we had

  • This thread definitely setting some kind of record for butt jokes. Finally my vision for this site has been realized

  • [On a promise to buy Subway if Dray hits two more 3s] I don’t think we’ll get to cash this one, but after last time, I may bookmark

  • Baze is... dominating?

  • That was damn mature for the Dubs to have 7 on the clock, and they patiently post up Looney and then Poole with a smart cut

  • I'm a bit disappointed Steph is back in. He's laboring a bit late in the fourth