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Okay, with this thread overflowing with more than 1K comments, I'm opening a new thread updated with all the GSW free agency news including the Donte news.

Please help move everyone over there. Feel free to use passive-aggression, aggressive-aggression and passive-passivity.


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Donte is a 2 time NCAA champ. Bob found us another winner for a great value.

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White. Donte. Let's go.

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I’ll bet there are lots of teams and individual players that are happy with the news that Payton was signed away from the Warriors and they’ll only have to face him on the Blazers. I would have been terrified to see him in a Grizzlies uniform. Anyone have any thoughts on what team Payton would have made the most difference on? I’m assuming one that values pace like the Warriors. The guy was a fast break machine.

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Thinking through who we have and what a minutes distribution might look like per position in the regular season next year:

PG: 36 Steph, 12 Poole

SG: 20 Klay, 18 Poole, 10 moody

SF: 30 wiggs, 12 Klay, 6 moody

PF: 24 dray, 18 kuminga, 6 wiggs

C: 24 loon, 8 dray, 16 ???

Without bjeli or OPJ, definitely need another 4/5 so we don’t have to count on Wiseman.

Per player totals:

Steph: 36

Wiggs: 36

Klay: 32

Dray: 32

Poole: 30

Loon: 24

Kuminga: 18

Moody: 18

That doesn’t feel crazy or overly reliant on the kids

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Well, you Donte fans are in for a treat....2/9.3 per Woj/Shams.

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Beverley is always saying nice things about Steph and the Ws. Could totally see him jumping on the Ws fun boat if the Jazz buy him out.

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Glad for Loon's return, for OPJ and GPII to get paid, for JTA to have another chance in the league, and for Bjeli to return to Europe a champion, ready to star again.

I hate that we lost the guys we lost. I'm sorry we won't get to see them run it back to try to defend the title together. But having lived with the shock and sadness of it for just a few hours, I think things may be better this way.

We're betting an awful lot of the youngsters, but that's as it should be. We have three lottery talents on the bench, in need of game time to grow and take their next steps. Yes, they'll keep being tutored and watching film, but they need to start doing it live and on the court. It is time.

I trust Bob to pull together the supporting pieces. But Moody, Kuminga, and even Wiseman will have to take a step. They have to.

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Maybe Miami does really want to involve Mitchell, but as part of a 3-team trade for Durant?

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So... who's doing the best in free agency so far? Seems like:

1) Celtics

2) Portland?

3) Utah

4) whoever gets KD (without Kyrie?)

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Andy Larsen [Jazz beat writer]


FWIW: I'm hearing some pushback regarding the idea that the Jazz are definitely keeping Donovan Mitchell moving forward.

Sense is that the Jazz are keeping their options open here: they could retool around Mitchell, or trade him for a massive haul to jumpstart a rebuild.

3:12 PM · Jul 1, 2022

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Good overview of the Durant -Irving era in Brooklyn.

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Perspective on GP2. OK. This all comes down to next season's budget. Assuming Poole gets $120M/4 years, and Wiggs gets $130M/4 years, vet mins to fill out the roster, no draft pick, then next years's projected salary budget will be over $216M, with a tax of $252M, and a total of $468+M.

Their marginal tax multiplier will be 8.25x at that point. This includes a projected 5% increase in salary cap.


In other words, $9M for GP2 next year would be $60+M additional, for almost $530+M

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Sounds like people are now expecting Mitchell to ask for a trade out of Utah (although no immediate indications of that as of yet). Miami keeps being floated as the most likely trade partner. Hmm... if only Miami had any close ties with someone who's a part owner of the Jazz...

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Insight from Sam Amick on GPII to Portland:

Yet when it comes to Payton, this is the kind of move that will surely make Lillard smile. Not only does he desperately need elite wing defenders at his side, but Lillard is close with Payton’s father, Gary Payton, the Hall of Fame point guard and fellow Oakland, Calif., native who has helped mentor him for years now.

What’s more, Payton II, his father and Lillard have all been repped by the same agent, Aaron Goodwin of Goodwin Sports Management. There’s the Northwest tie-in for Payton II too, as he was beloved in his two years at Oregon State (2014-16).

The Warriors’ loss, in other words, is the Trail Blazers’ gain as they attempt to keep the Lillard era alive.

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NBA teams going full 2K. Trading mediocre players along with tons of picks for the best player they can get.

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