Wiseman, Curry both get hot in garbage times - in two very different ways

Warriors splat against Clippers windshield: 104-130.

Welp, that was unpleasant.

The Warriors got waxed. The sort of thorough tear down that leads to empty stares and a silent locker room. As has been the case for much of the season, the Golden State Warriors were unable to hang with the consistent pressure that top tier NBA teams apply.

Curry was pissed. Angrier than I’ve ever seen him. Maybe that’s not entirely anger? Whatever the range of emotions, this was about as real as it gets.

Let’s focus on the bright spots, shall we?

James Wiseman put in some of the best basketball of his professional career. Held out through three quarters, he was inserted into the 4th and went nuts (in a good way).

I mean, please, watch this play, and then imagine for a moment that he is doing this at his most raw, least experienced time of his career. Let your imagination go wild for a moment.

Wiseman also popped a really nice, in rhythm three, something that everyone noticed was an under-utilized tool for a young player that is still figuring out his best ways to attack.

Also, we had seven players score double digits in points. I don’t know where the offense on this squad will come from, but if it’s an old school Sonics team mode where everyone chips in a little bit, that’s fine by me!

We’ll have ongoing coverage, and I’m real interested to hear some of the post game interviews because whatever Kerr was doing with Wiseman, punishment, message or whatever, it was weird.

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