Why James Wiseman is the no-brainer pick for the Warriors at No. 2: 94’ and cultural fit

Everything you need to know is in my 20-minute video report, but here are some additional notes that I first posted on our Discord server:

It all started (figure of speech) when I finally plopped down to watch ESPN DraftExpress’ Mike Schmitz video scouting interview with James Wiseman and he got to the part where Wiseman took a rebound 94 feet plus the finish, and probably an and-one…

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This is when my eyes popped out of my head and I then believed Wiseman was a no-brainer. You can search my tweet. It was about 1-2 months ago as I slowly gathered more intel and finally watched the Schmitz interview with Wiseman which was a video done SIX MONTHS ago (!). Literally when this play came on early in the Q&A right after Schmitz said, “If you could create the prototypical NBA player in a lab, it’d be you at 7’1 with 7’5 wingspan...” I didn’t need to watch the video further (because I’d already seen the behind the scenes stuff of him dribbling and shooting).

Again, watch the YouTube video report for the full context.