Emo Jimmy Butler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_CD50gnC3k

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Thinking Basketball's smartest plays of the season! | NBA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmD3vAKyit8

First half is a recycled video from the first half of the season (still good!) and second half spans the second half and playoffs.

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Happy Media Day, all! That's right, it is Gary Payton II (#0), and maybe Jonathan Kuminga (#00) days until media day. I was informed that 00 really stands for 100 and doesn't mean zero, but I'll treat it like an ace that you can play high or low, and play it low today. But, for the purists, it is only JK (#[1]00) days until the Jan 10th game against the Pelicans at Chase.

I think most people know a lot about both players, but beyond his work on the court, if you aren't familiar with Gary's work with kids that have dyslexia (as does he), here is a good article from a few years back:


With Dante moving to the Knicks, GP was able to reclaim his preferred #0, and the Warriors put out a highlight reel to celebrate:


I'm looking forward to seeing that bounce again with him healthy this season.

And, if you are like me, and would rather watch 8 minutes of him stealing the ball and blocking shots, well, we got that too:


Yeah, we missed that defensive stopper last year, especially on the road.

For a few clips of double zero, here is JK making a bunch of amateurs look like ... a bunch of amateurs, at the Crawsover:


for a few more highlights, here is JK dunking and blocking:



Here is a half hour interview from when he visited Jo'Burg a month ago:


and this clip is of JK handing out presents to kids at the hospital last Christmas:


Remember, he turns 21 on Friday (Oct. 6th, Happy Birthday JK!), so there is still a lot of room to grow, but I'm looking forward to seeing that third year leap, and watching JK destroy a lot of second units this year.

A final note from me, I appreciate the support and encouragement from the community for this series, and I hope it helped make the slow month before training camp go by a bit faster for everyone. Now, on to training camp!

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First. Day. Of. Camp.

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This stumbled through my feed and I had to share


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Boo. I hope he gets well soon. He seems like one of the genuinely good guys of the NBA.

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I dunno if anyone else posted this, but here are some free agency moves made today:

Free agent guard Cam Payne has agreed on a one-year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks


Free agent F/C Wenyen Gabriel is finalizing a deal with the Boston Celtics


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Celtics got Jrue, and Blazers got Williams III, Brogdon, and two first round picks. Interesting. I dunno how much the trade will improve both teams, but Blazers now have multiple future first round picks, which is great for them in the long run.

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[there are a lot of different threads/comments about Portland's status post-trade so is it ok if I do a sort-of mass reply as a standalone comment?]

There are three ways to screw up a non-playoff team: don't have picks, don't have promising young players, and have long-term contracts that don't fit the timeline. Portland has the picks (and will have more when Brogdon is traded). They have Scoot as a season-ticket-seller (and hopefully future star). Assuming they trade Brogdon, they have one player who will be over 30 when his contract expires.

They're kind of in a tricky spot now, though. Do they sell high on Ayton or Williams and regret it if Scoot turns out as advertised early in his career? Or do they start thinking about the play-in, and refuse good offers for Timelord and even Ayton, creating a mediocre team that then has to give Scoot a huge contract down the road just to avoid losing him for nothing?

Either way, they avoided The Process when they got Scoot while Lillard was still there. And they have at least a few months to make that decision. I personally think they give the current team (minus Brogdon) at least until the deadline. If they're terrible and they don't gell as a team, Grant is probably gone, too. It still wouldn't be a tank, though. It would just be the first stage of a rebuild around Scoot.

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I didn't see this posted.


JTA signs with Mexico City Captains, leaving the NBA.

Time to sign Reggie.

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I like Jrue Holiday, and I'm glad he made his way back to a contender -- in the east.

Blazers are like an arms dealer selling to both sides of a conflict.

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We should totally have a WNBA Playoffs thread. Given that it's the offseason and its playoff basketball, why not?

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Joe Montana: not that highly regarded coming out of college, not fleet of foot, but could make five reads in under a second and find the open man, was always calm, and just kept winning.

Brock Purdy: ditto?

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Alyssa Thomas is back from injury and immediately scored a field goal and dished out two assists while grabbing 2 offensive rebounds.

She's got 17 points/14 rebounds/12 assists!!

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Spoiler alert: the Arizonas are not beating the Niners. That's not gonna be a thing.

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