Welcome to Let's Go Warriors!

We’re excited to announce that Let’s Go Warriors and the former staff of Golden State of Mind are joining forces to bring you the Golden State Warriors coverage you deserve.

From Lets Go Warriors we have founder Poor Man’s Commish, and from Golden State of Mind, we have Duby Dub Dubs, Eric Apricot, Nate P, and Daniel Hardee with more creators coming soon.

Separately, we have been creating articles, art, podcasts, and videos for literally millions of viewers.

Together, we are a diverse group of die-hard Warriors fans who are partnering with Substack to build a new model of what an online community can be.

Our Vision

Over the last five years, the team has generated an average of approximately one million views per month while posting four to six times per day. After the recent Vox Media layoffs, the GSOM crew were taking stock of our group and wondering what, if anything, to do next.

What we needed was a place where an online discussion community can thrive and have a voice and interact with us, while getting a steady diet of the high-quality, “gold-blooded” content that made GSOM so popular.

It’s a new home for our old community, where we can keep talking about the team we love. Only this time, there are a few key changes:

  • No ads.

  • No fluff. Improved article flow.

  • Primary source coverage.

You’ll notice that all these pages are clean and everything loads fast. That’s intentional. There will be no pop ups, no watching video ads load before your article opens.

In order to keep the lights on — and as a way to reward the contributors — there will eventually be some subscriber-only content, early access, and additional recognition and rewards. But rest assured, all the primary game coverage that our old readers have been accustomed to, including our podcast “Dr. Tom and the Goldblooded King” will be as free as #ChinaKlay on the dance floor.

Also, we have some nice surprises in store for you with our partner here: the man who started Let’s Go Warriors, Poor Man’s Commish. His credentialed/insider reporting and behind-the-scenes videos have garnered millions of views across a variety of platforms. We are going to energize that access and fold it into our dynamic team coverage so that when we say Steph Curry is returning, you’ll be one of the first to know and get access and reaction as it’s happening.

How To Use This Site

  1. Read whatever looks interesting, including articles in the archives.

  2. Leave respectful comments! The whole reason we’re doing this is to interact with you. All open threads and some articles (including this one) will be open for comments by everybody.

  3. Sign up for emails if you like. Then you’ll get an email when we post new content.

  4. If you are moved, please subscribe. This will pay our costs for running the site and encourage us to keep making more! The subscriber perks are described in our About page.

So please: subscribe, poke around, leave a comment or two. We hope you’ll like what we are doing here enough to become a part of it.