oof. Neemias Queta showing Wiseman what a dominant big man can do against a bad defender in the g league. ☹️

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For those that haven't seen it yet. JJ interviews Steph:


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Here's another quote for ya, Hardee:

Dubs in 6 over Milwaukee

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I tune in and Santa Cruz can't play defense or offense.

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I'm going to post this early. Timberwolves stats:


14 in points scored (114.0)

7 in points in paint!!!!!!!! (53.2)

7 in fastbreak points!!!!!!!! (15.5)

20 in offensive efficiency

6 in shooting % !!!!!!!!!! (48.3%)

27 in three point % (32.6%)

2 in two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (58.4%)

19 in off. rebound % (23.2%)

24 in def. rebound % (73.9%)

23 in total rebound % (48.7%)

2 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3.7)

27 in opponent steals (8.7)

9 in assists!!! (27.1)

27 in turnovers (16.5)


17 in points allowed (113.5)

9 in opponent points in paint!!!! (46.8)

18 in opponent fastbreak points (14.5)

10 in defensive efficiency!!

2 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (44.4%)

21 in opponent three point % (36.5%)

5 in opponent two point % !!!!!!!!!!!! (50.0%)

8 in blocks!!!!! (5.7)

5 in steals!!!!!!!!!!!! (8.1)

27 in opponent assists (26.9)

11 in opponent turnovers (15.5)

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Ryan Rollins is so impressive. Thats the type of player you look to develop in the system instead of a throwaway piece in a trade

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Warriors current stats:


6 in points scored!!!!!!!!!! (116.8)

26 in points in paint (44.3)

11 in fastbreak points (14.9)

12 in offensive efficiency

9 in shooting % !!!! (47.8%)

5 in three point % !!!!!!!!!!!! (37.9%)

6 in two point % !!!!!!!!!!! (56.8%)

23 in off. rebound % (21.4%)

25 in def. rebound % (73.7%)

29 in total rebound % (47.9%)

1 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3.7)

29 in opponent steals (8.8)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (29.6)

29 in turnovers (17.2)


28 in points allowed (117.5)

15 in opponent points in paint (48.2)

13 in opponent fastbreak points (13.5)

23 in defensive efficiency

10 in opponent shooting % !! (46.1%)

10 in opponent three point % !! (34.9%)

16 in opponent two point % (53.8%)

26 in blocks (4.0)

18 in steals (7.4)

21 in opponent assists (26.2)

13 in opponent turnovers (15.5)

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Whoa, watching my guy Zach Collins v LAL… in the midst of a great game, he gave Westbrook a hard foul that drew blood (totally clean, garden variety foul; Westy was just grazed by an elbow). Westbrook saw red and pretended be wanted a piece of Collins; LeBron and co held him back.

Edit: and now they just called an utterly BULLSHIT flagrant 2 on Collins. Ejected.

Collins night: 19 minutes, 12 points on 6fga (2-3 from 3), 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 steal, plenty of toughness including one bloody foul on Westbrook.


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Any team that has the best shooter in history as well as the best defender of his generation is going to be able to muddle along so i can't say I'm surprised that they came back to .500 from a poor start. take away a couple of boneheaded plays during the road trip and they would have been 12-8, poor by Warriors standards but a record most fans would be happy with. Warriors fans from the extremely short post-We Believe era would kill for a .500 team

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Lol these gif header images are elite!!

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I got mentioned in gold blooded article. It is 7 am here now. It made my day.😀😀😀😀

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Mavs lose to the Raptors today (bummer Mr. Doncic) and the Dubs now move one more notch up the board. We made it to the play-in!

Still, 10th place is not excellent. The next five games are:

@Minn: win.

@Dallas: win.

Chi: win.

Houston: win.

Indiana: win.

Based on this scientific analysis, the Dubs will be 15-10 on December 5th. I predict that will put them tied for 3rd in the west. What do you all think? What place will the Dubs be after beating Indiana on Dec. 5th???

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I am selling T-shirts, hoodies and snapback hats with the Warrior logo in blue and in yellow script: "WHY AM I NOT WORRIED? I REALLY DON’T KNOW" in a fashionable yet appealing Comic Sans font. Orders submitted today count toward your Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount!

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