Oh, and just to address the DLo thing.

He was advertised as a low-efficiency scorer who can get really hot, but kind of needs the ball in his hands, and suspect defense. An all-star, but only just barely because the East had fewer options.

After seeing him in action for half of this season, that all seems about right. He definitely can get crazy hot and start making shots from anywhere, over anyone. His "bumper car" move feels almost as reliable as vintage Livingston turnarounds and KD's Nowitzki-style fadeaways. His passing has been better than advertised, with some really inspired dimes taking advantage of the attention he gets from the defense. But he has cold streaks, and when he's off, he's way off—I don't think I've ever seen someone who shoots such a wild mix of airballs and way-off-the-backboard shots alongside such sweet nothing-but-net bombs.

His defense is... really bad, though. He gets caught ballwatching, he helps off his man unreasonably, he gets beat off the dribble, etc. The Warriors have a lot of green, raw players this year who make mistakes on defense (while occasionally playing really solidly!) but DLo has shown nothing that makes me think he'll ever be as solid as Steph, who honestly plays phenomenal defense except for the part where he's just not tall enough to contest everything—let alone the high bar set by Dray, Dre, Klay, Livingston, or KD (who had stretches of sloppiness but also an unreasonably high ceiling) over the last few years.

So, he definitely gets buckets, which is something this team needs badly at this juncture. But when we have Steph & Klay back and we're actually aiming for a championship again? Feels like DLo would be better as a super-sub 6th man, a rich man's Lou Williams, or something... but I can't imagine him wanting that, and the team probably doesn't want that from their max contract player, either.

Then again DLo is still very young, so he has room to grow. Might be that just constantly having 2/3 of Klay/Steph/DLo on the floor would give the Warriors such an explosive offense that they could run other teams off the floor. I look forward to, before the end of this year, the look of panic on defenders' faces when Steph leads the break and they realize they're about to leave either the human torch or a nuclear DLo wide open for a transition three...

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I would like to see D'Lo play with more then one solid rotation player before saying he's bad on D. He has the length and speed that I think he would be a positive with what we used to incorporate as far as the switching and swarming defense.

In a bubble he seems ok one on one and no I don't really want to see him and Steph on the floor at the same time for extended min's but at this point my grade would be incomplete.

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I hope DLO goes for 81 tonight

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I think the Dubs have a chance to take this one, or maybe it's more like the Sixers have a chance to lose it. Based on what we've seen all season long, the Sixers should clean up on the offensive glass and the Dubs will brick shots all night long, especially from three. But if the Warriors actually hit what open looks they get, and hound Philly on defense, we may have a game.

I'm assuming Marquese Chriss will get the start at Center again, after how well he did against Indiana. If Embiid plays, this'll be a great opportunity for Chriss to show his mettle, reward the Warriors' trust in him, and show all the other teams who didn't claim him off waivers what a mistake they made. I'm hoping Draymond will have some good advice on how to defend Embiid, and hoping that any trash talk between them stays at a good-natured level. We've seen how hotheaded 'quese can get and Embiid is a known provocateur who loves earning "real estate" in his opponents' heads...

Anyway, time for this young squad to buckle up and learn to play tough on the road. The good news is, they're more rested than they've been in ages!

I'd be more confident if we had Ky and Smiley though.

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76ers stats:


23 in points scored (108.4)

18 in points in paint (47.5)

10 in fastbreak points!! (13.3)

20 in offensive efficiency

9 in shooting % !!!! (46.7%)

18 in three point % (35.4%)

9 in two point % !!!! (52.9%)

9 in off. rebound % !!! (23.6%)

2 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (80.7%)

3 in total rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (51.7%)

2 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3.9)

12 in opponent steals (7.3)

5 in assists!!!!!!!!!!! (26.2)

15 in turnovers (14.8)


2 in points allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (104.8)

12 in opponent points in paint (46.9)

18 in opponent fastbreak points (13.4)

4 in defensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 in opponent shooting % (45.4%)

14 in opponent three point % (35.2%)

8 in opponent two point % !!!!!! (50.4%)

8 in blocks!!!!! (5.7)

6 in steals!!!!!!!!! (8.4)

3 in opponent assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (21.9)

18 in opponent turnovers (14.5)

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Defense wins championships. By that standard, Philly is dangerous.

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Defense (50%) and offense (50%) win championships.

By that standard, Philly is half-dangerous. ;-P

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Duby - nice aside on dlo

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thanks! One of the freeing things about having our own site is that I can do weird stuff like that without being driven to post it as a standalone article for maximum clickz!

It's crazy how good he's been offensively for us. What I really was hoping to get into is how our entire offense is so bad, if DLo is so good. We have the worst offensive efficiency in the league but it seems like DLo, Burks, and others should be able to lift the team up overall more than they have.

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Man, Simmons is absolutely killing it this year. Top of his draft class by TPA


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Maybe they'll trade him to us for Russell and Utah's second rounder ;)

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I gotta say, out of all the names I see floating around in potential trade rumors, Simmons is the most intriguing.

I get the criticism about spacing (especially alongside Draymond and Iguodala), but he seems like such a natural fit with his size and defense, and ability to get to the rim.

I doubt the Sixers are even a little bit interested in DLo as a trade partner, but damn it would work pretty well for us. I'm not at all convinced that the splash triplets are viable - mostly because of the defense shortcomings associated with a steph/DLo 1-2 combo

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D'Lo really ought to be a better defender than he is. Klay doesn't block shots or get many steals either, but he sticks between his man and the basket like glue and one suspects that's as much mental as it is physical, though I suppose it is possible that D'Lo just isn't quick enough.

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DLo's game seems to rely so much on kind of an elegant gliding movement. In some ways it reminds me of KD, only without the height and length that give KD such a defensive advantage. I'm not sure he could be easily taught away from that.

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Regarding the 8 and 24 second delays- I love human ingenuity so much. Just a great way to recognize.

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