Just noticed in that clip from Antonin that Steph torched 6 different guys during that stretch

1. Defense on [KPJ] -> transition 3

2. Step-back 3 on [Sengun]

3. Step-back mid-range on [Tate]

4. Step-back three on [Chistopher]

5. Pull-up mid-range on [Wood]

6. Step-back 3 on [Matthews]

7. Drive on [Matthews]

8. Three over [Tate] + [KPJ]

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Anyone got a game thread. I keep missing them.

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So, it's official. Steph Curry needs to be trash talked to motivate him out of a slump. I guess he gets bored with the game...........

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ESPN just showed an image of Brooklyns Big 3, then our Big 3…aren’t we a Big 4 now?

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Has anyone ever noticed Grayson Allen looks kinda like Ted Cruz?

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Is Beal not playing?

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Oh I get it, Steph can’t play because he’s at CarMax.

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As long as the guys work on their Kerrball and don’t just slip into ISO hero-ball I’ll keep watching.

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Nice graphic sir!!

(and of course, banger article, per usual)

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Spurs have no one on the injury report, while the Warriors won't have Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Green, OPJ, Bjelica, Iguodala, and Wiseman tonight.

Yeah, this looks like a loss for the Warriors.

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We’re playing a team with a lot of issues. I predict a sloppy victory.

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I'm pretty excited to let the young ones get loose. Poole from 3 levels, 6 made 3s from Moody, a few monster dunks from JK in a 30 point loss. I'm down with that.

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Spurs stats:


9 in points scored!!!! (111.3)

2 in points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (53.6)

8 in fastbreak points!!!!!! (13.4)

14 in offensive efficiency

12 in shooting % (46.4%)

15 in three point % (35.1%)

20 in two point % (52.0%)

8 in offensive rebound % !!!!! (24.1%)

26 in defensive rebound % (75.3%)

20 in total rebound % (49.5%)

26 in opponent blocks (5.4)

5 in opponent steals!!!!!!!!!!! (7.3)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (27.9)

3 in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12.6)


24 in points allowed (111.4)

29 in opponent points in paint (50.5)

13 in opponent fastbreak points (11.4)

19 in defensive efficiency

21 in opponent shooting % (46.4%)

18 in opponent three point % (35.0%)

16 in opponent two point % (52.8%)

8 in blocks!!!!! (5.2)

11 in steals (7.5)

12 in opponent assists (23.9)

14 in opponent turnovers (13.8)

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Thank God curry is sitting I was going to be pissed if he wasnt

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Feb 1, 2022·edited Feb 1, 2022

JTA is in the dunk contest!? lolol


Via @TheHoopCentral

BREAKING: Expected participants in the NBA Dunk contest;

- Jalen Green

- Cole Anthony

- Juan Toscano-Anderson

- Obi Toppin

(via @ShamsCharania)

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Feb 1, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Steve & Pops ought to get themselves thrown out in the 1st 5 minutes, then go for a night out on the town.

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