Doesn't look like this has been posted before. Seems like balanced preview although I still suspect that our passes will get picked apart. To me, the key will be the defensive end. If we execute defensively as we have recently and don't get called for fouls, I think we have excellent chance of winning.

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I think our defense will probably be even better in the playoffs since we have a propensity to foul and refs tend to hold their whistle more in the playoffs.

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Rich Eisen says Steph is the NBA MVP "Period. End of Story": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0rV7Fv388A

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"Only three of our eight experts picked Stephen Curry and the Warriors to beat LeBron James' Lakers"

Okay, but you could also write:

"Almost half of our eight experts picked Stephen Curry and the Warriors to beat LeBron James' Lakers"

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A little too early for the draft but this guy looks like a good fit. Don't know what pick he's projected at but it never hurts to have another long forward that moves well without the ball on this team.


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Here's a fun link from The Ringer: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/22521616/imageLikeEmbed.png from the article: https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/5/18/22441173/nba-play-in-tournament-playoffs-los-angeles-lakers.

tl;dr: Steph is the first player to "score his age" at age 32 (this stat is a little BBRef-specific based on when in the season they count a player's age)

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Should we have an Eastern Conference watch thread?

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For fun, out of Knicks, Hawks, Mavs, Trailblazers (some of the teams with slightly better records than the Warriors), how do they stack up with each other if they were all missing their top 1 player? How does this narrowed collection of teams, minus their top 1 star, compare to a Steph-less Warriors?

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May 18, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

Daniel San, that's a wonderful article for us dubs fans, it reads like a great short story. All the LGW authors, all with unique styles, are worthy of every praise.

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May 18, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

They seemed to have regained the 'killer instinct' and are backing it up with 'execution'. Can't go wrong with these factors in play. We can see how fired up Steph and Dray are. So can the other teams! I like our chances but no guarantees. Underdoggies all the way.

I would think there is a real chance for Steph in the MVP race. He accelerated his game in the latter part of the season and is definitely the best player on the floor, at the moment. The only drawback is the team's #8 position. Does it matter in the MVP race?

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So apparently KCP is the latest in a long line of “Steph Curry Stoppers”. Here’s hoping Steph sticks a stake in that narrative.

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May 18, 2021Liked by punk basketball

I'm really curious about who will be Rachel Nichols' pick for MVP....


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And now, here's the Lakers stats after the regular season:


22 in points scored (109.5)

7 in points in paint!!!!!!!! (50.0)

11 in fastbreak points (13.3)

24 in offensive efficiency

12 in shooting % (47.2%)

21 in three point % (35.4%)

13 in two point % (53.9%)

14 in off. rebound % (22.5%)

4 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!! (79.7%)

7 in total rebound % !!!!!!! (51.5%)

8 in opponent blocks!!!!! (4.5)

26 in opponent steals (8.2)

15 in assists (24.7)

28 in turnovers (15.2)


2 in points allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (106.8)

19 in opponent points in paint (48.3)

16 in opponent fastbreak points (12.2)

1 in defensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 in opponent shooting % !!!!!! (46.0%)

4 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!!!! (35.2%)

9 in opponent two point % !!!! (52.4%)

5 in blocks!!!!!!!!!!! (5.4)

11 in steals (7.8)

13 in opponent assists (24.7)

4 in opponent turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15.2)

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Nuggets without Jokic: .450

Warriors without Steph: .222

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