Warriors put together best game of season, beat Jazz 131-119


The Golden State Warriors shocked the world and knocked off the #1 seeded Utah Jazz 131-119 in a thrilling Sunday matinee at Chase Center. Here’s a quick recap of the game with highlights from our LGW community game thread.


End of 1Q: Warriors 33, Jazz 24

Sleepy Freud: 15-0 run against the best team in the league will do.

rcknfn: Awesome 1st quarter! 2nd unit, its all on you.

OGG Gurl: Was that the best quarter of basketball they’ve played this year? My eyes say yes.

Halftime: Warriors 67, Jazz 54

ChaosSamedi: Second unit doesnt look that bad if they would stop f—ng switching everything, wiseman also has looked pretty good defending on an island against guards today

Sleepy Freud: If Wiseman doubled the gapping distance he seems to think is appropriate for NBA guards, he'd probably have it about right.

Goofus: My Warriors are looking good!

End of 3Q: Warriors 95, Jazz 86

Apricot: If GSW can just keep a double digit lead into the 4th, then they should be down only 5 when the starters come back


  • Jazz: 28/67 FGs, 11/31 threes, 19/25 FTs

  • Warriors: 38/69 FGs, 12/25 threes, 7/8 FTs

End of 4Q: Warriors 131, Jazz 119

Goofus: Is it hyperbole to say that the next 6 minutes or so are the most important of the season? If the 2nd unit can play like they did after settling down in the 2nd, we might actually be good!

BadlyBrowned: Bench offense looks much more watchable with actual playmakers on the floor.

Daniel Hardee: Wiseman got a board and a putback over Gobert? Hmm that's odd

AttilaTheHun: Hey Wiseman held onto that pass too. Geez I hope this is a trend.

Pius Street Uke: Beautiful Draymond triple double!

Janet: Oubre is Spiderman

BadlyBrowned: TWO WAY WIGGS

ServantOfLuna: We broke our losing streak...by beating the Jazz??? Wow.

DraymondWantsItMore: We needed that win, and I'm really glad it involved Poole, manion, Wiggins, wiseman etc having big parts, not just leaning on steph and dray for everything. What a f——g rollercoaster!