Warriors practice: Stephen Curry and Oubre doubtful for Memphis Grizzlies; Kerr, Jordan Poole, Nico

JP feels he’s always had “momentum”

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors practice in Houston with Steve Kerr and Jordan Poole, where nine players practiced and did some 3-on-3 work, with Stephen Curry and Kelly Oubre sidelined (see below or click above video), but Curry did make a “cameo” (wait for it and read through!).

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- Steph: “doubtful for tomorrow…pretty sore…Oubre as doubtful, he got kicked in the foot yesterday…did not practice.”

- how to treat tailbone? “idk, I think it’s more test than anything, I haven’t talked to the trainer.”

- NAACP award: “he’s done so many really cool interesting things to help people to raise awareness…amazing job of figuring out how to balance his life…also his community…he understands the power he holds and he uses it for good.”

- Oubre injury: “I want to say it was third quarter…weakside looking for a rebound and he got kicked sorta behind the foot…when I saw it on tape today I thought it was his ankle…top of his foot that is sore…got worse overnight.”

- rotation without Steph and Oubre: “we’re gonna talk about that on the plane…haven’t decided yet.”

- Wiseman/Paschall back to Bay: “haven’t heard any confirmation.”

- staff? “It’s all very convoluted…still very up in the air.”

- recap: “intensity was much better than against the Lakers…as for Memphis the only thing I’ve seen is the score…grit and grind vs Pat Riley kind of score…haven’t watched Memphis a ton…very good team and they’re very capable at both ends.”

- all-female crew 3/29, organization: “one of the things I love about the Warriors and working in the Bay Area…take on progressive issues, try to advance society…really crucial to break barriers and help young people.”

- challenges of COVID: “I went and talked to Stephen Silas…bumps in the road…we have a great situation here…emerging young talent…Steph and Draymond…Klay…really thrilled about progression of our team…part of the deal in this game (bumps in the road)…as a coach you just deal with the circumstances in front of you…very lucky to be where we are.”

- Morant: “he gets anywhere he wants…great handle…so bouncy…great feel.”

- Poole growth: “John Wooden…be quick but don’t hurry, so Jordan was in a hurry last year…when you hear players say the game has slowed down a bit…natural progression…started at the end of last season, he realized…how hard he had to work…I’m thrilled for us selfishly.”

- what were you able to practice today? “I think we had 9 people on the court so we did some drill work defensively…3-on-3 right now.”

Ray says he will try to get Poole and Nico Mannion.


- Kerr said making decisions quicker: “Being able to see game actions more frequently…where to make what decision…being able to know my role now (someone screams in background lol).”

- gaining momentum as NBA role player? “I feel like I never lost momentum, matter of time before it showed (because worked so hard).”

- playmaking: “I just wanna play the right way…if somebody’s open I’m gonna pass it, that’s just who I am as a player…naturally I wanna make the easiest play for my teammates.”

- bonding with Nico: “Nico is the bro, we spent a lot of time together and that was good for our chemistry…last year was a bit of a gap (in age)…off the court has definitely showed on the court.”

- biggest growth: “just seeing game reps…get the experience and get that time.”

- confidence of Kerr to you: “allow you to get out there and play your game…try to help us win…it’s amazing being able to have a coach who allows you to play, it really opens up your game.”

Ray says they’ll be fined if they don’t get on the plane on time so no Nico, but walking by, Steph yells something, Ray jokes Steph misses us, Slater asks for Curry to come over and talk, Ray says he’s getting treatment.