I don't want to stick my head in the lion's mouth, but ...

I feel like a lot of the angst around the last few weeks of Warriors basketball is due to the fact that we, as fans, want to see the Dubs win every night. At the beginning of the season, against any realistic projection of the Dubs strength, without Klay, we got to experience that as a reality and it was glorious. Now we're doing our best impression of the freefallin' Nets, and life sucks. But the long view is what's important here: the Warriors are making the playoffs basically no matter what, and the only thing that matters is that they get to the playoffs healthy and competent. Finishing 15-5 last year was lovely, but that head of steam didn't translate into play-in victory and a playoff spot.

Currently it feels like the Warriors could lose to anyone they face in the first round - that's how vulnerable they are. If they can work through this, they may be a stronger team by the time the playoffs arrive. If they can't, well, winning the NBA Finals is always a long shot, barring the three year super team with KD (which still only managed to win twice).

It also feels like the NBA is at this really interesting inflection point: the young guys leading upstart teams (Ja, Luka, perhaps someday Zion, etc.) are trying to boot the old guys (LeBron, Steph, etc.) out the door. It's going to lead to some fierce playoff fights, as others on this site have mentioned recently. Whether the Warriors win or lose, and I'm looking forward to an exciting as hell postseason (minus the Sixers foul-ball).

OK, rant over, go on back to arguing about whether the Warriors should find some discarded tall human and put him on the team.

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The team is suppose to have a lot of talent (so I keep hearing) and the coaching staff was improved with new blood. I refuse to believe that the team winning is solely dependent on one player (Green). C’mon. The coaches should be able to adjust the game with the personnel they have.

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Kuminga had 18 points, 8/11 FGs, and 9 rebounds against the Lakers last month. How will the Lakers try and limit his offense tonight, and how will the Warriors respond?

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As a facilitator, Dray>>>Steph>anyone else on the team. It dramatically changes the nature of the team without Dray, and it makes it much harder for the shooters to get shots. It makes sense that Steph himself is dramatically affected by this. I expect all the shooters' percentages to go up when Dray is back, and if he really does have a chronic injury that will inhibit his future here (something I am hoping so hard isn't the case), that could be the single biggest factor in determining the remainder of the dynasty.

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Lakers starting lineup against the Clippers was: Westbrook, Monk, Reaves, James, and Howard. They played Anthony, Bazemore, Augustin, Johnson, and Ellington for their 2nd unit and Gabriel during garbage time.

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Listened to 95.7 for a little bit and callers and texters are saying Klay is a problem and needs to be benched or worse. Amazing that the hosts are having a whole conversation about it without talking much about Dray's absence. Such pathetic "analysis" compared to here. Love you DNHQ!

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Lakers stats:


13 in points scored (110.4)

9 in points in paint!!!! (48.2)

4 in fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (14.8)

24 in offensive efficiency

12 in shooting % (46.5%)

19 in three point % (34.6%)

8 in two point % !!!!!! (53.9%)

26 in off. rebound % (20.9%)

22 in def. rebound % (75.9%)

22 in total rebound % (49.0%)

4 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!! (4.1)

28 in opponent steals (8.5)

17 in assists (24.0)

27 in turnovers (14.7)


26 in points allowed (112.7)

27 in opponent points in paint (50.3)

29 in opponent fastbreak points (14.5)

16 in defensive efficiency

18 in opponent shooting % (46.0%)

15 in opponent three point % (34.8%)

20 in opponent two point % (53.4%)

4 in blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5.7)

7 in steals!!!!!!!! (8.0)

26 in opponent assists (25.8)

9 in opponent turnovers!!!! (14.5)

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Luka Dončić (left toe sprain) will miss today’s game against Sacramento.

I’d honestly be curious to see how many times this year a star has suited up against the Dubs and then rested the next game OR has come back from an injury when they play the Warriors

No excuses we beat the teams in front of us but I mean it seems we’re always getting everyone’s best shot best personnel and expect this team to run at maximum effort game in and game out.

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So, we need defense and our best defensive player is out, thank you basketball gods 🙄

Today Grizzlies gonna win for sure, luckily Jazz lost yesterday, but we need to chase some wins now, but more important, play with joy, as the good old times

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For anyone who may have forgotten how much Dray + Dre make Klay and the whole machine go, a brief (8 second) reminder...


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One more Player A/B...

Player A: 14.1 pts per 36 on .473 TS

Player B: 13.1 pts per 36 on .542 TS

A is Davion Mitchell at age 23; B is Moses Moody at age 19.

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More kuminga! Get kuminga into that draymond role, he can punish the 4 on 3s if surrounded by shooters

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Without GPII I think this game will be more challenging than the odds would have us believe. He injects so much life and energy into our game.

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By now, my brothers and sisters and uncles and aunties in DNHQ know that I don’t write long criticism unless I am very depressed and lack of sleep.

I am depressed these days because I don’t see any joy in Warriors eyes.

I want coaching staffs to have Moses Moody’s mentality ! A pit-bull mentality and some creativity!

I don’t remember when was the last time I was excited to see how Warriors won a game with unexpected strategy. It’s been a player(s)’ unexpected explosion.

Of course Joker played excellent but his coach came out with Hack- a Looney. Doncic prayed like Euro- Lebron but his coach coached to kill the head of snake, Steph.

Same with Box and one by Raptors coach.

Using a player(s) as a secret weapon(s) cannot be reliable obviously. Iguodala or Wiseman.

Is it because they( coaches) couldn’t go to Napa due to COVID and no more nice place in Napa after the devastating fire?

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From your mouth to God's ear. This squad has the look of a team that is out of answers and just waiting for Dray to come back and set things right, so I'm not optimistic until he does. But a big win against the Lakers would help.

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