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Mar 7, 2022Liked by punk basketball

Speaking of point of attack defense, shout out to Bazemore for leaving us to rot on the bench for a 9th seed

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“General illness” running through the team. JTA and OPJ out

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> Moody over his last three games has made 11 straight shots, including five straight 3-pointers. His streak of 11 made shots in a row is the longest by a Warriors rookie since 1997-98, when play-by-play was first recorded, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. It also is the longest by a Warriors player this season, matching Andrew Wiggins when he did so in November.


Everything is riding on Moody's first shot tonight. He should play it smart and cherrypick for a dunk imo.

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ooh boy, gonna be a wild one this evening

> @anthonyVslater

The Warriors have added Otto Porter and Juan Toscano-Anderson to the injury report tonight with “general illness”. Both questionable. That could limit them to only eight available players in Denver, two of them on two-way contracts.

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On another note, concerning the socially-conscious Warriors, can anyone tell me where to see any notes by the warriors about Brittney Griner in prison in Moscow, or the state of WNBA players who had to leave their careers in Russia, or the fate of basketball players, at the very least, in the Ukraine? The Kings took time to support Ukrainian players in the US. Have the Warriors done this and I just don’t know?

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As hard as the return of Klay has been at times, I am hardly worried. Will Draymond fix everything? No. Will he fix a lot? Hell yes. So long as he is healthy, Draymond will absolutely right this ship. It would be great if they could hold things down without him, but for chrissakes— this is the fricking value of Draymond! Keep building, keep getting healthy, we will get there.

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Why is OPJ going (vs Wiggins)? That would mean he will sit in tomorrow's game which in some ways is a must-win game.

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I woke up this morning thinking how valuable this experience is for our young blood and what if this is all just a lightyears strategy to optimize and fast track their development of taking over the reigns from the Old Guard sooner (and the OG's have secretly bought into this as well)? I guess today's game is a nice chance to look into the crystal ball :)

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At least I don’t need to get pissed at Klay tonight

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Some comments… Wow, you are spoilt! Ever tried to support a team that is always on the brink of going down a level? (In Germany and Italy the last or last two teams fall to a minor league, in soccer and Basketball.) Golden State is making the Playoffs for crying out loud.

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If I were the Nuggets, I would rest Jokic and/or other players tonight, the @Kings game, or both.

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Nuggets stats:


11 in points scored (111.0)

13 in points in paint (47.4)

13 in fastbreak points (12.7)

8 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!

3 in shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (47.5%)

11 in three point % (35.4%)

2 in two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (56.4%)

23 in off. rebound % (21.4%)

4 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!! (78.4%)

6 in total rebound % !!!!!!!!! (51.0%)

17 in opponent blocks (4.8)

23 in opponent steals (7.9)

3 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (27.2)

21 in turnovers (14.4)


12 in points allowed (108.0)

23 in opponent points in paint (48.9)

12 in opponent fastbreak points (11.9)

15 in defensive efficiency

22 in opponent shooting % (46.5%)

2 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (33.8%)

27 in opponent two point % (54.8%)

29 in blocks (3.7)

17 in steals (7.3)

16 in opponent assists (24.5)

23 in opponent turnovers (13.2)

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Can we get a goddam wiseman update please?!?

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Mar 7, 2022Liked by punk basketball

If the Joker rests tonight, I have irrationally good feelings about this game. There is nothing like playing with freedom of expectation to get the guys going.

As for our core group, I expect the news about Drays return to give them a boost emotionally and help them stay focussed and locked in. It’s the focus that is killing us on the defensive end - close outs, rotations, boxing out. On O it seems like it’s mostly Klay killing us!! Poor Klay, hope it’s get it together in the next couple of weeks or more bench time will be his!

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Just don't fall into the play-in Warriors , is all i ask 🙏🏼

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