I hate to bring it up but the Warriors did lose to the Pacers bench players, and they lost to a bad Magic team as well so I wouldn't take it for granted that they are going to win tonight. I do think the Warriors tend to take their foot off the gas when they don't think they are going to be challenged.

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Funny to think that back when this game was scheduled, people might have thought that it would have playoff implications. Or even more laughable, that it would be one further step on the road to coronation for the Lakers.

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Does anyone know if air balls are tracked? It seems like there were a lot this year and even Steph had more than his normal share. Might be more evidence that the switch from Spaulding to Wilson balls had an effect.

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I can't wait to see NBA on TNT doing the 2022 version of 'Gone Fishing' for the LOLakers

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We did pretty good with a bunch of scrubs.

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Games to pay attention for tonight:

-Bucks vs. Celtics

-Raptors vs. 76ers

-Timberwolves vs. Spurs

-Nuggets vs. Grizzlies

-Warriors vs. Lakers

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Technically, can LBJ buyout his huge contract with LA and go playin next year on another team for much less money?

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I just realized that Poole has made over 200 threes this season. Remember when that was a huge number?

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The Curry response to the LBJ desire to play with him was perfect. The guy is ready for his Senate run -- in about 10 years, after he's put all of the 3 point records way out of reach and won another championship or seven.

Also, thank you for the chart of positive net impact. It shows how important JP3 has become -- and how far above even that high level Steph is. Phenomenal.

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I always talk with a cigar in my mouth. Always.

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I loved Steph's response lol. If he said anything ambiguous, the media would go in a frenzy and there would be a 100 articles on how the Warriors should trade all the young pieces (Kuminga/Wiseman/Moody/Poole + Wiggins) for LeBron. They still might (because it drives clicks for obvious reasons), but at least the guys in the locker room see that Steph is fully committed and trusts the guys around him. A+ leadership as always.

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Trading in my latest melanoma (the bad skin cancer that killed Bob Marley) for a new scar today. It looks like they caught it early, but all these scars has me looking like I had a rough 3-way with Freddy Krueger and Edward Scissorhands.

Hoping it’s an open-and-shut case so I can get home in time to watch the game. I’m also planning on wearing my new #fuckcancer t-shirt I bought in Ozzyman’s fundraiser for childhood cancer.

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Lakers stats:


11 in points scored (111.6)

7 in points in paint!!!!!!!! (49.1)

5 in fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!!!! (14.6)

23 in offensive efficiency

7 in shooting % !!!!!!!! (46.9%)

20 in three point % (34.9%)

6 in two point % !!!!!!!!!! (54.5%)

25 in off. rebound % (21.1%)

22 in def. rebound % (75.7%)

21 in total rebound % (49.1%)

5 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!! (4.1)

27 in opponent steals (8.3)

16 in assists (24.1)

27 in turnovers (14.5)


26 in points allowed (114.8)

28 in opponent points in paint (51.2)

29 in opponent fastbreak points (15.2)

22 in defensive efficiency

22 in opponent shooting % (46.9%)

17 in opponent three point % (35.2%)

26 in opponent two point % (54.6%)

7 in blocks!!!!!!! (5.2)

10 in steals!! (7.7)

27 in opponent assists (26.1)

10 in opponent turnovers!! (14.0)

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“…and are coming out the other side of it with home seeding throughout the playoffs (assuming they can win one of their final three games).“

I think this should read “home seeding in the 1st round.”

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END OF AN ERA. Loyal readers in this space will recall that at the very start of the season, for game 1, we began composing "Lakers are so old that ..." jokes. I still have the file. Now, it seems to me rather cruel. With the news that Carmelo is checking himself into an old folks home, that Dwight Howard broke a hip and Westbrook no longer recognizes his own teammates (OK that was always true), it just seems unkind to dredge it all back up. However, I am nothing if not democratic, so how about a vote: in the thread, let us know if you'd like to see the jokes one last time, or not. Adding why is a super bonus.

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