I don't hate on Embiid for his free throws as much as I do Harden, because he's at least bangin inside as a center to get (most of) them. But seriously, damn near 20 FTAs in a half for a single player is straight up disgusting basketball. I don't give a shit if every single one of them was well-earned, resulting from hard and undeniable fouls. That is gross. I'm glad they're losing by 20.

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If it weren't for the nostalgia factor, I feel like we 100% would have a center on the roster instead of Andre right now. I'm just hoping he makes it worth it in the playoffs.

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Does this "Otto Porter Jr. - General Illness" designation seem odd to anyone else? He's been out since March 7th and they quickly ruled him out today too.

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I feel like people are confusing "vibes" with "playing at home" a little bit lol. But yeah they can win this game if Looney is up for the challenge.

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Mar 10, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Get ready for Freaky Friday. (The old switch body thing) If you could switch a pair of Warriors, who would you switch? If Draymond/Wiggs, imagine what Draymond would be if he had Wiggs body and skill set? Next, switch GP2 and Wiseman. If GP2 had Wiseman's body and skills, I'm not saying he would score much, but we would hold teams to 50 a night. If you switched Moody and Looney, no one would probably notice.

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Nuggets stats:


10 in points scored!! (111.2)

10 in points in paint!! (47.8)

13 in fastbreak points (12.8)

8 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!

3 in shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (47.6%)

16 in three point % (35.2%)

2 in two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (56.7%)

23 in off. rebound % (21.4%)

3 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (78.5%)

6 in total rebound % !!!!!!!!! (51.1%)

15 in opponent blocks (4.8)

21 in opponent steals (7.9)

2 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (27.4)

21 in turnovers (14.4)


12 in points allowed (108.2)

22 in opponent points in paint (48.9)

14 in opponent fastbreak points (12.0)

15 in defensive efficiency

22 in opponent shooting % (46.5%)

6 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!! (33.9%)

27 in opponent two point % (54.7%)

29 in blocks (3.7)

17 in steals (7.4)

16 in opponent assists (24.6)

22 in opponent turnovers (13.2)

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Westbrook to the Bay confirmed! OK, so he'd have to waive the player option or get bought out... But I'd love to see Westbrook (after eating his humble pie this year) come to the bay and play within himself coming off the bench.


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Hmmmm...maybe the Warriors should sign Cauley-Stein after all lol

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Mar 10, 2022·edited Mar 10, 2022

Assuming full health and 10-man playoff rotation, I’m still trying figure out what Kerr’s going to do.

If we assume Steph-Klay-Wiggins-Green-Looney continue to start, who are the other five?

Poole, OPJ, Kuminga, GP2 and Igoudala seems like the best guess, but if Moody keeps up his stellar play for the rest of the season, does he force himself into rotation, and if so, at whose expense? I have a tough time imaging Kerr having Moody and Kuminga out there together in minutes that matter.

I’d guess Lee, JTA, Wiseman and Bjelly would all be situational (as opposed to rotation) options.

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This Wiseman debut is exciting but could be hard to evaluate.

On the one hand, Wiseman hasn't played in 11 months and is coming back from the same injury that JJJ came back from last season and JJJ looked bad. Perhaps he will be rusty, poorly conditioned, etc. On the other hand, it's not a good sign if a big man doesn't dominate the G-League because the G-League is short on big man talent.

Neemias Queta is on Stockton which is good because he'll be a 250 pound 7 footer for Wiseman to go against. A team like College Park Skyhawks don't have a player over 6'8 220.

Here are some G-League numbers for 2021 draft class big men, all of these guys get more minutes than Wiseman will tonight I'm sure but I think it's useful for calibrating expectations:

-Kai Jones is averaging 16, 11, and 2.5 blocks

-Santi Aldama is averaging 21 and 9 with 3.5 assists

-Luka Garza is averaging 20 and 9

-Charles Bassey is averaging 13, 9, and 5 blocks

-Sandro Mamukelashvili is averaging 20 and 10

-Neemias Queta is averaging 16 and 8

-Day'Ron Sharpe in 2 games has 15, 10, and 2.5 blocks

-Isaiah Jackson in 2 games is averaging 25, 4, and 3 blocks

-Usman Garuba is averaging 9, 9, 2 steals, and 1.5 blocks.

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Warriors by double digits.

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Damn, I was hoping the gleague game would be on way earlier, it starts at 4am for me.

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Let's hope we have some rollover from the Clipps game. We need it. Will we see a resurgence of the Splash Bros and not this current version which can't seem to find their perimeter baskets that used to be their trademark. If we've got Steph/Poole/Klay/Wiggs/Looney starting, wer're gonna be small and slower. Since OPJ is not aboard, I would go with Poole, Wiggs, JFK, Looney, along with Steph. Klay needs to come off the bench. Yes, I know, it's darn right heretical, but I've never been one to be mainstream.

ESPN has suspended their player in Asia and Russia. Is this punishment for Thailand being neutral about the UN vote backing sanctions? I can't watch the gleague game with Wiseman. Anyone know a workaround for this?

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I'm running dual screen all the time, at least when the nvidia card cooperates and is able to find both screens, so no problem. I will mentally superimpose Wiseman over Looney and Bjelica.

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