Warriors give it away, storm all the way back, entire season ends with random ending

I guess all is forgiven if GSW wins the lottery

Key phrase for the season

Can never doubt the guts and heart of this team down the stretch. Now, the brain on the other hand… But proud of the fight

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Time to crank up the draft coverage! We’re not going anywhere and hope you’ll hang out too.

Glad you could be with us for this crazy season. You make it literally the best Warriors game thread in the world, and in fact the best Warriors comment section in the world.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • Lots of unforced turnovers. Stop those and the game gets closer.

  • That JTA putback defied the laws of physics

  • Well I don’t think GSW can play more carelessly so things should get better

  • Steph: “I’m open at the logo man!!” Poole throws ball, Steph hits logo shot.

  • GSW lucky to be this close after throwing the ball away for about five straight minutes

  • When Mark Jackson says a player makes an adjustment, it’s usually that the player starts “getting aggressive” and starts making his shots.

  • Pretty alley oop for Mulder. Old GSW play.

  • Wow Juanito spent the whole play directing Mulder on defense, then with a fantastic tip rebound

  • Wiggins is the only second unit guy who can score over JV

  • All about unforced turnovers. If GSW stops that, I think they will come back.

  • Defensive intensity is a LOT better. And playing that Ja PNR really well. Just keep grinding like that, and stop the unforced turnovers

  • Big foul on JV which didn’t look like a foul

  • Didn’t look like much of a push

  • Dray having extended conversations with the ref after every play

  • One last push. Leave it all out there.

  • This is a MEM defense that is selling out HARD on Steph.

  • Need Wiggins to keep attacking to punish the Steph overplay. Last kick!!

  • This is going to be close enough to hurt even more

  • FULL RANDOM ENDING, I’ll take it!!

  • Free shot to win... worst that will happen is everyone will die of exhaustion in OT

  • Surprised Steph gave that up.

  • HEY it’s the zig zag first play in OT!!

  • Can never doubt the guts and heart of this team down the stretch. Now, the brain on the other hand But proud of the fight

  • Painful painful painful ending.

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