@JZAlvarado, below: hmm, could not disagree more. The bottom of the draft is worse than a "crapshoot" — the vast majority of guys picked there end up not being NBA players. It's just a fact of life. You can get on the front office for not finding the needle in every haystack, or credit them for unearthing as many needles as they have. I'd actually say the they've fairly massively outperformed their expected return, given that in one offseason they've added the following players age 23 or under:







Plus a top five pick incoming.

Book is still out on Poole; and the book seems to be in on Evans — he's probably not an NBA rotation player, alas. Still an insanely great haul overall, imho, given that we were able to acquire them with no assets to speak of. Gotta keep in mind we got everyone on that list with Damian Jones, a #28 pick, some second-round / post-draft / waiver wire signings, and a friendly phone call to Durant.

You win some and lose some; and even factoring the Evans miss in I'd still give our overall targeting, acquisition and development of young talent from 2018-2020 a solid "A." (Maybe knock it down to A- for giving up on Kendrick Nunn, but then I've heard Nunn made have had some pretty nasty personal skeletons in his past that caused the Ws to move on more than their assessment of his talent or potential.)

As far as 2013-2018, I mean, we're only talking about the greatest five-year run by any team in NBA history, lol. You want to have a "serious discussion" about how badly they botched things during that run ... go crazy. ;-P

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Don't know if it's worth mentioning, but one place I could definitely see shipping off DLo to (which, by the way, WILL happen) is Philly. The absence of three-point threats on their team has been noticeable this year and TBH, Simmons just ain't cutting it for them. On the flipside, the Warriors could potentially get back a better package than even Minnesota would be willing to offer. Philly would almost certainly have to part ways with Veteran-All-Star Al Horford (Which was already a weird fit with Embiid at the 5). On top of that, the Dubs could possibly pry away a solid contributor from the Sixers (a dream situation but highly unlikely is Josh Richardson). In total, the Curry-Klay-Dray core would get a perfect fit in Al who A) doesn't need the ball to be good, B) covers a lot of gaps in the Warriors roster, C) Fits ideally with the Warriors passing philosophy, and D) would be an AWESOME PNR/PNP big to pair with Curry. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention he's a phenomenal defender from basically everywhere on the court.

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This is a great format!!

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Can we start having a serious discussion about this front office's inability to draft worth crap since 2012. I've been hearing the narrative that it's a crapshoot at the bottom of the draft but there have been some real solid players drafted immediately after the Warriors. To summarize:

2013- Nedovic

2015- Kevon Looney

2016- Damion Jones

2018- Jacob Evans

2019- Jordan Poole

I'm not even including all the second round flameouts because granted that for every Malcolm Brogdon or Draymond Green there are a ton of Tyler Ulisses. Now someone's gonna mention Kevon Looney BUT here's all the players drafted right after Looney: Cedi Osman, Montrezl Harrell, Willy Hernangomez, Richaun Holmes, Josh Richardson. I love Looney but I'd take any of those players over Looney last year when he was healthy.

We have to have a Frank assessment that the same Perfect storm that helped the Warriors land KD in 2016 flipped into the perfect storm of having the worst team in the league and part of it is the shitty ass drafting of Myers for the last seven years.

I get that Paschall and Smailgic look like solid contributors but when we talk about the here and now the FOs 1st round picks have been partly responsible for being in the crap hole that we are in. I get having three all NBA caliber players out (with one leaving in FA) trumps this completely but honest to God I hope Myers doesn't keep next year's pick and instead flips it with DLo because his drafting hasn't been exactly stellar

Why the rant? I just want to pull my hair out Everytime I see Kevin Porter Jr doing something. I said earlier that I didn't mind Myers taking a crap shoot this year as opposed to the 'We are drafting the most NBA ready player' garbage of last year but God damn I'm tired of whiffing so badly on these draft picks and the lack of depth has worn this team out more and more every passing year

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OT from the game, but has anyone else paid attention to Milwaukee lately? They only have 6 losses through the season so far, and I'm a little concerned about them breaking the W's 73-9 record.

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Postgame thread of Q&As starts here with an absolute must-watch of Draymond’s introspection of himself plus Kobe’s final moments: https://twitter.com/letsgowarriors/status/1222360094458798080?s=21

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Thoughts on the game: it must be incredibly difficult for all of them to play so competitively so much of the time yet still lose so much of the time. I think this season will be really good for the competitive fires and thicker skin of the ones we keep.

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Not the best game for Burks -31 with 4 Turnovers Yikes

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Top players:


Russell: (-8)

28 points 10/22 FGs 6/12 three pointers 2/5 FTs

5 rebounds (1 off.) 7 assists 3 turnovers 2 steals

Green: (+7)

9 points 3/8 FGs 1/6 three pointers 2/2 FTs

9 rebounds 12 assists 1 turnover 1 steal 3 blocks

Robinson III: (+7)

20 points 7/11 FGs 3/5 three pointers 3/3 FTs

5 rebounds (1 off.) 3 assists 1 turnover 1 steal

Honorable mention:

Chriss: (+8)

15 points 6/10 FGs 0/2 three pointers 3/4 FTs

5 rebounds (1 off.) 2 assists


Embiid: (+10)

24 points 9/13 FGs 1/3 three pointers 5/8 FTs

10 rebounds (2 off.) 1 assist 5 turnovers 1 block

Neto: (+15)

19 points 7/10 FGs 3/5 three pointers 2/2 FTs

2 rebounds 2 assists 1 steal

Harris: (+11)

14 points 6/10 FGs 1/3 three pointers 1/2 FTs

7 rebounds 4 assists 2 turnovers

Honorable mention:

Horford: (+7)

12 points 4/11 FGs 2/6 three pointers 2/2 FTs

11 rebounds 8 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal

Milton: (+8)

11 points 5/6 FGs 1/2 three pointers

1 rebound 2 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal

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Final stats: (Turnovers by both teams in the first possession are not counted)


41.9% shooting (37/87 FGs)

15/40 three pointers

15/21 FTs

40 rebounds (6 off.)

29 assists

13 turnovers

6 steals

3 blocks


51.9% shooting (42/82 FGs)

11/32 three pointers

20/26 FTs

44 rebounds (2 off.)

28 assists

15 turnovers

5 steals

3 blocks

Points in paint:

Warriors: 38

Sixers: 50

Fastbreak points:

Warriors: 18

Sixers: 17

Points off turnovers:

Warriors: 20

Sixers: 17

Bench points:

Warriors: 26

Sixers: 37

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Posted this in gamethread too:

Until formatting is worked out for SOL’s comments, could his contributions perhaps be worked into the post-game articles? That way paragraphs, bold amd gifs could happen.

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