Warriors “Dubble” Mini-Camp Day7 Live Thread (& Day6 Wiggins Recap)

Today we will have Mychal Mulder on the podium. Originally, Damion Lee was scheduled, but there has a been a change. I will do my best yo post quotes of interest in the comments below for our Live Thread.

We will probably not have Steve Kerr again as he was on yesterday and the plan has been to have him on every other day.

Yesterday, we got Andrew Wiggins and the combination of what appears to be a clearly defined role on the team as third option and the fact that he has a very low-key personality resulted in just a five-minute Q&A with him.

I missed the first four minutes because the Zoom call actually started early and I was busy processing the pre-Draft NBA Zoom calls with Killian Hayes and LaMelo Ball (each 15-20 minutes long). You can watch those from our 2020 NBA Draft playlist.

So I spliced the missing audio which I got from the Warriors SoundCloud page with some nice images of Wiggins, and with the conversation veering somewhat towards Jimmy Butler, Wiggins’ tenure with him with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Miami Heat, and the NBA Finals, we have this nice little visual compilation from yesterday:

So onto the burning “Is Klay Thompson scrimmaging yet?” question. Answer: no, because of they’re easing him into the process and in doing so, he’s been working on 1-on-1 stuff with Leandro Barbosa. The following video of Kerr is timestamped:

Kerr also delved into Butler, the Heat and cheering for Andre Iguodala, then he mentioned the option of “sliding” Wiggins to the 4.

I asked him to expound on that in reference to Harrison Barnes’ role back in 2016. It’s a new NBA now with fewer heavy guys like Zach Randolph at the 4, so maybe Wiggins is indeed well-suited for this era’s “stretch four” (think Serge Ibaka, for example).

Earlier when we posted Wiggins videos of him working out in LA, a fan wondered if he had adjusted his shooting release a little bit. That was the one question I got to ask after logging in at 1:00PM, and his answer was no, but that he was working on cutting and moving without the ball per the Warriors’ sets:

As for today, I wonder if the Q&A will be short again (ooh, I better log on soon!) because we have a role player on the podium, but we shall see. I’m sure we’ll have the obligatory scrimmage/Klay questions, but my plan is to ask Mulder, a Toronto native, if he’s ever been invited to play at Drake’s mansion! Submit any questions you might have below…