Warriors “Dubble” Mini-Camp Day6 Live Thread

There was no media availability for Day 5, which happened to be Steve Kerr’s birthday, so we’re now on Day 6 and we will have Andrew Wiggins at 1:00PM PDT. The Warriors-provided picture above shows Wiggs closing out on Klay Thompson, so perhaps there will be some scrimmage news. Expect to get Kerr first, then Wiggins on the Q&A.

I’m currently editing some videos from this morning’s NBA Draft Zoom calls with Killian Hayes and LaMelo Ball, so I don’t have time to go into too much detail as far as a recap from Day 4 with Eric Paschall, but we do have the following from our YouTube channel:

First off, his shoe collection, in which he says he’s going to bring “the heat” next season on the strength of his collection of Nike’s Kobe line. Incidentally, he hasn’t brought a ton to the bubble:

At some point, Kerr did an interview and described Paschall as a “more explosive” PJ Tucker. Here’s Paschall’s response to that, including a shout out to Tucker’s own sneakerhead supremacy:

Finally, I asked Paschall what specifically he’s working on to improve that three-point shot, if there’s some sort of process that the coaches are having him go through. He just said that the main thing is getting reps. I didn’t get a chance to follow-up about last season’s game where the staff asked him to try a set shot and he ditched it in-game as it was messing him up, but I’ll be sure to revisit this when real training camp arrives.

Here’s the entire Q&A:

The interview seemed short and perhaps it was because it happened to be on a beautiful Saturday midday, as no one ended up asking him about his All-Rookie First Team selection nor his friendship with Donovan Mitchell, who had a stellar Orlando Bubble performance. We’ll have to come back to those come regular training camp.

Post any questions you might have for Wiggins below. Barring technical difficulties, we should have close-to-real-time coverage here and on our Discord, with a quick IG Live or two, followed by uploads to YouTube as soon as we can.