Warriors “Dubble” Mini-Camp Day4 Live Thread

It’s Day 4 of the Warriors’ “Dubble” mini-camp and we’ll have all the quotes I can keep up with below in the Live Thread. Eric Paschall will be at the podium, probably starting at 1:30PM, so if you have any questions that you’d like answered, please post them in the comments.

I’ll also attempt to do a YouTube Live again, but that’s always subject to technical difficulties (and upset, entitled commenters on there who get in the way of an enjoyable livestream, tbh).

Here’s yesterday’s recap, i.e., stuff I remember off the top of my head, aside from specifics in the comments on Day3:

• Klay Thompson and Eric Paschall got out of 48-hour quarantine protocol and finally practiced with the team. Views: Check out Klay on the court as we spliced in Kerr’s summary of him:

• I asked Kerr what entails practice and he said it’s 3-on-3, 3-on-0, no teaching of defensive concepts as with regular training camp because there’s no game to prepare for coming up, and that overall, they’ll ease into the scrimmages. Klay will also ease into the scrimmages and that depends on feedback from trainer Rick Celebrini.

• Kerr also said they expect Marquese Chriss to reach another level. I later asked Chriss what specifically that meant and he said having more balance and control in the paint on post-up positions and developing a reliable hook shot especially if Stephen Curry and Klay are doing split cuts (as an option if they’re not open). Here’s Chriss:

The only take I have from the above is that I still think it’d be good to draft James Wiseman as it doesn’t hurt to have a little competition there for Chriss in the urgency to get better and be more of a threat on offense. But I’ll have more to say about the Draft in due time, maybe after the NBA Finals are done and there’s a lull.

We have the entire Q&As on our YouTube channel, of course, as YouTube automatically turns the livestreams into videos, so we’re proud to say that we’re the first ones to have them available anywhere. Check our Dubble playlist for those.

That’s all for me for now. Don’t miss the rest of our content on the YouTube channel including Steph’s trainer on his off-season workout regimen and Daniel and Duby’s video podcast with Grant Liffman. I’m super-backlogged in other videos and social media posts which actually affect the storage of content on my phones so I’ll have to sign off now and meet you soon back here.