sounds like Yurtseven is signing with the Jazz

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Drummond making his pitch to the Warriors. Lol. He would have be cool to have as a backup 5 in theory but I'm not sure if he ever developed a feel for the game to succeed in our system.

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PBJ looks like he’s not one of the group yet.

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Ahem. I don’t want to hear any of you saying you had him as your top choice for Warriors to draft like i did

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Nick Smith Jr. tonight:

33 Points

4 Rebounds

3 Assists

65% FG

80% 3P

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I just realized that OKC currently has a whopping 21 players on their roster.


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The Warriors are likely to take a patient wait-and-see approach before committing a guaranteed contract to somebody in that 14th slot, team sources indicated to The Athletic. If nothing appealing enough materializes before October, team sources indicate that the Warriors are comfortable putting their 14th spot up for grabs in a training camp competition among non-guaranteed candidates.

The Warriors still don’t have a traditional center backing up Kevon Looney. They at least explored the idea of signing Mason Plumlee and/or Alex Len in the early days of free agency, but both returned to their more comfortable locations. None of the current free agent centers appear to be moving the Warriors much.



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Podz not the only shooter in college to struggle with the three in Summer League. Jordan Hawkins is currently shooting (5/21=)24% from three midway through his third game, and Gradey Dick is shooting (3/12=)25% from three through two games.

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“He's working really hard right now. We've sent coaches to go work with him. He has a great attitude right now.” vs “I know he's gonna put in the work whether people are looking or not. He's always in there looking for extra work, asking, you know, what can I do better? Watching film with coaches.”

Whelp one of these guys got some strong praise and the other praise was about as qualified as it gets.

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Don't look now, but Charlotte's summer league team is not looking completely hopeless against Portland. (24-22 POR).

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Besides TJD just being available, what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming SL matchups against Dallas (Lively, OMax) and Houston (Whitmore)?

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"His family relation gives him an unavoidable advantage in getting jobs and being promoted. However, he has had quite a number of jobs in the organization, so he wasn’t promoted straight to the top."

Yup, that's an accurate description. He surely didn't start at the bottom or with a rank and file position. It was Assistant GM. LOL, if he wasn't the boss' son, would he even have qualified?

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My solution...

Start CP3 for the first four to six minutes of the 1st & 3rd qtrs, then bring in Loon. Paul starts the first six minutes of the 2nd & 4th qtrs and comes back in for the last 2-4 minutes if needed. He still gets to start but has no more than 24 - 28 minutes per game.

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Have we had a Jayce Johnson discussion? I know he was hype-manning, but The Kirk quote was interesting. If LQ lands a roster spot, could Jayce be the place who’s a helpful big man on a 2-way.

I’m having a tough time forming an opinion about him. What do others think of him?

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Podziemski refers to himself as a point guard in the first seconds of this video.

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Imagine being a rookie guard (Podz) and having Steph + CP3 as your vets. Lol.

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"...probably some veterans who are looking to get back in it."

Hoping that means some Harry Giles, GRIII action

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