Trade Grab Bag 7. LaMarcus Aldridge rumors will not die

Trigger Warning: LaMarcus Aldridge

I don’t want to speak this into existence, but this LaMarcus Aldridge rumor will not die. It was already floated by Zach Lowe as a rumor in NBA personnel circles.

Now Kevin O’Connor joins in.

Here is the best case Pro that I’ve seen:

And this context:

Here is the general feeling Con:

  • Aldridge is 35 years old

  • He’s not great on defense

  • He’s not that efficient on offense either

Dub Nation already hated this trade from Trade Grab Bag 6.

Not too many other ways to get Aldridge, though.

Here are two other ways.

And a hotfix since you probably hated that

And finally, all-in on the veterans: