Trade Grab Bag 6: Jrue Holiday, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Dray

May have to disinfect the comment section after this one

Why Jrue?

Anthony Slater in the Athletic says:

You want him on the ball, playmaking out of the pick-and-roll? Sure. He’s capable. He ran 402 pick-and-rolls last season and was also decently efficient in isolation. You need him to shift off ball, still affecting the scoreboard while throttling down his usage? No problem. He made 36 percent of his 144 catch-and-shoot 3s last season and sporadically slashes to success (47 points on 38 cuts, per Synergy).

Then you shift to defense and the value rises higher. Damian Lillard called him the league’s best guard defender. Andre Iguodala said, when Holiday defended Steph Curry and Kevin Durant effectively in the same playoff series, he was convinced that Holiday was among the league’s elite. Multi-positional plus-level defenders have never been more coveted than they are now.

We already looked at one posed Jrue Holiday trade in Trade Grab Bag 5. Well here are a couple more trades from the Slater piece.

6.1. Taking It To The Bridge

This is a way to get around the problem that Jrue does not fit in the Trade Exception.

6.2. I Hesitate To Even Type This, Knowing the Crapstorm Coming In The Comments But

6.3. And Since We Already Opened The Gates Of Sludge

Plus this hot fix since people hate the Zach Lowe original rumor.

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