lol... that Harden trade... how about a counter offer?

Warriors get: R. Covington

Houston gets: free consultation from Space-X on how to improve your rockets

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Crazy question for you cap nerds out there -- my understanding is that taxpaying teams can acquire a player for up to 125% of the outgoing salary in a trade -- could we theoretically take Fournier with the TPE, and then turn around and immediately deal him back 1-for-1 for Aaron Gordon? Other mechanics (like making it desirable for the magic) aside, would that be allowed?

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I gave the Harden trade a few seconds of serious thought and it's sooooo bad.

Ok, so, the good: Klay is coming off injury and hasn't played basketball in over a year. Harden is coming off another season of insane scoring numbers and playoff disappointment. Both are tall enough to share the court with Curry, and high-volume 3-point shooters. Harden has a better handle, better passing, and a league-breaking FT rate. Klay has a reputation for better defense but advanced stats mostly hate him. Klay is notoriously tough, and had fantastic stamina before his injury. So, to a large extent any such trade is going to be a referendum on how well his overall condition has recovered since tearing his ACL.

The Rockets would get a fuckton of positive assets including Rookie of the Year contender E. Paschall and some very good draft picks. I imagine most execs in Houston would happily do this trade as it reloads them for the future while still having a likely All-NBA star guard on the roster.

The Warriors would be all in on winning now by upgrading their legendary backcourt with... a much lower-percentage shooter who needs the ball in his hands and slows their high-pace offense to a literal standstill. They'd be more exposed on defense, get less value out of their super-max franchise player's assists, and have a culture clash and fan outcry even disregarding the traded assets. But they would have a more reliable way of earning free throws, except sometimes in the postseason when it matters most.

Uhhh... Yeah, save the Curry+Harden lineups for the All-Star game. Maybe the Tokyo Olympics, if those actually happen in 2021. I just spent how much time on this? (Better than fretting about the election, I suppose.)

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Well the Harden trade idea is clearly flame bait, so I think we can dismiss that. The Miles Bridges trade is at least plausible as he is young and not making much money so can easily be had with the TPE, and there isn't going to be much difference between the 2nd and 3rd pick. The problem is that Bridges isn't very good, at least not right now.

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I agree we shouldn't be in such a hurry to trade Wiggins... But what about Wiggins for Simmons, straight up. There is a popular narrative that Simmons and Embid don't work together because it reduces spacing around the post. While the Warriors certainly love spacing, that may be less of an issue for us.

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Nov 3, 2020Liked by Eric Apricot

Dear Mr. Apricot,

I had an idea to spend more of your time in case you have too much on your hands:

I was reminiscing fondly on your awesome draft series that gave us Haliburton as the Fan tourney winner, and you later framed Wiseman historically for us all. What if you combined the two, and took the stats for all the guards you included in the draft tournament, added a few historical figures, and had the anonymous who would you draft series: little man edition? If the current guards stats are already in the tournament profiles that work is already half done right?

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If the Warriors are all in on another Star, cost be damned, their path to another star probably lies in drafting the best player available at #2 and showcasing them. Use the TPE on an expiring as close to that 17m as possible. Some team will likely be selling at the trade deadline and the Warriors can package their rookie stud $10m + $17m expiring plus picks for up to a $33m salary. Add one more contract and you get to a veteran max.

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Harden? No. Klay is going SuperNova in the upcoming season. He picked up dribbling skills in his year off. Plus, he's got a better personality and dog than Harden.

Also, stop trading Wiggins. He's going to do great in the Warriors' system. And we don't need Wiseman. Pick up Boogie Cousins. His injuries are behind him, he's lost weight and moves better than ever. Trade down, save the money you are required to spend on a #2, and get someone cheaper and with a more distinguished track record. But not short. Edwards, no. Someone quick and lithe who can play defense, block shots and doesn't need the ball in their hands all the time.

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I would truly be amazed if Myers managed to grab Bridges while only moving down one spot. That would be a phenomenal pickup.

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Wow, these are all just horribly one sided, except for the Miles Bridges trade which only works if he doesn't suck and the W's don't like anyone at #2 that they can't get at #3.

Why would Detroit do that trade at all? Give up a #1 in a loaded 2021 draft just to move up a few spots?

I thought the Miles Bridges trade wasn't too bad, then I found out who Miles Bridges was (bad defense, wrong sized forward, not sure what he brings that we don't already have in Wiggins, Paschall, and Draymond, and what's the point except for trying to see if you can turn a young player around. But maybe if there's nobody we like at #2 that won't also be there at #3 and his contract isn't too bad...But then why would Charlotte pay that unless they thought he was unsalvageable? This guy is just seems like he's hiding a big red flag, so no.)

The sixer trade? Call Horford/Wiggins a wash and you're giving up Simmons for a #2 in this weak draft? Yeah Philly's not doing that.

I was on board with Harden for Klay, Paschall, and the #2 and next year's #1. But then you threw in D. Lee and I started to have doubts. Maybe if we kept D. Lee and instead we threw in Curry I'd be on board. Really, I just learned to block fansided from all my browsers. You should too.

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I’m fully on board with the Detroit trade. That trade is all about Detroit’s vision of themselves next year. They only do that if they think they are a playoff team in the east.

The Miles and 3 would be amazing, but why would Charlotte do that? Maybe the W’s could trade down again from 3 and keep adding talent!

I would rather see the Warriors use the exception on a player Morey wants, and add that to the #2 pick salary and the 2021 Min pick to do a deal for Simmons mid season. The fast break scoring Potential from a Green, Simmons, Wiggins, Klay, Curry lineup would be so freaking cool.

The more info we are presented with, the more It appears this draft isn’t bad. The consensus top 3 picks are vastly inferior, but the depth in this draft is really good and it’s hurting from the lack of an NCAA tournament to boost the hype. It might actually be wise to chase Mid first and 2nd rd picks in this draft because of the devaluation of them. Does Boston have 3 first rd picks and Philly have 6 2nd rounders this draft? I wonder if Boston would bite on trading all 3 picks for next year’s Minn pick.

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One thing I will say for Fansided: Everything they write about the Warriors is consistently clueless and ignorant. There is something to be said for consistency. But the Harden deal is clueless even for them. I'm being nice.

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The Harden trade sucks. The Simmons, horford trade is a pipe dream.

I love the Miles and #3 trade. That’s a no brainer.

Detroit and a protected 2021 is good too. They’ll stink next year too.

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