Top 5 take-aways from Stephen & Ayesha Curry’s appearance on Dwyane Wade & Gab Union’s IG live

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union had Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry on their “The Wine Down” ad hoc IG live series recently (Wade has it every Friday night, it seems). It actually totaled three livestreams, due to technical difficulties when the Currys’ stream froze and when Instagram automatically shut the second steam down with their one-hour limitation.

I went through the trouble of splicing those together and fixing, as best I could, the innate audio lag when you screen-record an IG live. Wade did not save the stream afterwards on his end, so I was relieved to have captured and published it on YouTube for DubNation. I even went in there and added timestamps in the comments. YouTube automatically converts all timestamps into links that go directly to that point in the video.

Someone in the comments got upset for me not putting Union’s name in the title. That was only because YouTube allows just 100 characters and the more frequently used search terms to get my video discovered are going to be Steph, Wade and Ayesha, unfortunately.

The theme of Wade/Union’s show is to talk about stuff while they each cook, Wade taking a recipe from his personal chef and Steph getting instructions from Ayesha. The video is over an hour long, but super-interesting.

You may have seen some of the parts that got aggregated. Chris Montano (@gswchris on Twitter) works for ESPN and that’s part of his job, to pick potentially viral topics and cut those up and repost, so some of those probably got copied and republished everywhere, including his personal Twitter and that of SportsCenter.

I did a one-minute highlight reel of the other as-yet-unaggregated stuff I found funny or interesting on our Instagram (see IG link in the tweet below; unfortunately Substack can’t handle IG links 😕):

Those AND MANY, MANY MORE topics are already listed in the timestamped comments, so go check them out, re-pasted below, but here are my Top Five take-aways — not necessarily topics, but just keen observations — of the IG Live:


It was just hilarious to see in real-time Leandro “The Blur” Barbosa chime in with his trademark “My niggaaaaaaaaa” (probably not enough a’s), presumably from far away, such as his home country of Brazil. Glad he is doing well and is in the same good spirits. Incidentally, Wade and Union told the Currys they have moved from Miami to LA.


The only reason this is not higher-ranked for me here is simply because we’ve become accustomed to it. When Wade ribs Steph about not having this much fun since his game-winner against the Golden State Warriors in Miami (y’all remember that, right?), Steph even adds to Wade’s fun by saying how he knew the shot was going in and was under the basket making that 😩 face as the ball went through.

This is a two-in-one: Steph also said sometimes he feels like snapping back at a hater on Twitter, but he tells himself, “Nah,” reiterating what he recently told Chris “COSeezy” Strachan in regards to Maverick Carter telling Draymond Green and Paul Rivera that, “Everyone in the world knows he can’t f-cking play defense!”

🍷 Toast to all of us still striving to get to Steph’s level of Zen! (Wine was a common theme in the Wade IG Live.)


This absolutely fantastic livestream has made me forgive and forget Wade for giving Aaron Gordon a 9 out of 10 on his last dunk in the 2019 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, thus losing out to Wade’s former Miami Heat teammate, Derrick Jones, Jr. It was nice that Steph admitted he felt Gordon should’ve won, but even had Curry not said that, this whole session really made me like Wade more. And Wade did seem sincere in that he wasn’t just doctoring the results for his ex-teammate.

And I’ve found that the case over and over again, seeing other sides of NBA players which far outweighs whatever transgressions have occurred on-the-court. For example, if you knew Kevin Durant behind-the-scenes like I did/do, you wouldn’t be as susceptible to drinking the Kool-Aid that media or anyone on Twitter wants you to, as some form of clique-ish entertainment. I will post more on this shortly. Oh, and there’s a chance Gordon could become a Warrior via the Draft. I’ll post on that too, in due time.


On the topic of Ayesha’s new magazine, called “Sweet July”, she has four pillars which all begin with the letter “f”: food, family, faith, and female empowerment. As someone who spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley’s venture capital scene in one of my previous careers, I’m just really impressed to see the Currys figure out what their core values are in nearly every business endeavor of theirs.

You can see this from their Eat.Learn.Play nonprofit to Steph home-schooling his 2nd-grade daughter Riley Curry with a new acronym: WABA (words, actions, behavior, and attitude). It even caught on with the nurse who earned a FaceTime from Steph recently:

This ability to have a clear conscience on your core values and strengths and goals is so elite.


I’m sorry if I’ve had my head stuck in the sand, but did we know Gabrielle Union was this fun?!?!

She’ll spontaneously dance — seems like the old school “Running Man” is her go-to — she’ll tell you what she likes and doesn’t like, she’ll even talk about sex!

Her and Wade’s questions for Steph and Ayesha were so — with apologies to FlightReacts (is his name Flight White? — inspirational!

The introspection brought them to a whole new level of respect for me. I’ve learned she is quite the humanitarian. I shall keep a lookout for her and Wade going forward.

There’s also still a 35-minute unpublished livestream the Currys did with Johnny Swim and his wife that is very similar to this one. I hope to post that one soon, too.


1:00 Wade’s chef’s cookbook

1:15 “Steph is a way better 3pt shooter than me but…I’m a rhythm shooter”

1:30 Wade’s buzzer-beater was lucky

1:45 Gab: “challenge Currys!” 😂💃🏽

2:15 Steph taps in

3:15 Steph can cook 1 meal

3:45 Dorell Wright’s ha! laugh

4:45 sugar on spaghetti 

6:30 Steph’s cooking pan steak, seared scallops, brussel sprouts

7:45 Wade/Curry wine biz

9:15 what Wade’s cooking

11:45 who has the TM on Chef Curry

12:45 Ayesha’s new magazine, Steph “sexy w/ it” 😂

13:45 Ayesha: sunscreen! Mom has column in new mag

15:15 “top-5 hottest moms”

16:00 Ayesha on starting her own blog, a calling, dedication, conviction

17:15 getting said “no” to and saying “no”

18:15 “Cardinal sin in the kitchen”

18:45 Steph on not getting respect, “creating that fear”

19:30 like I told someone earlier “I’m so pumped about who I am”

20:00 resists tweeting/reaction

20:45 NYK MSG 54 “as close to being the perfect offensive player…I can do whatever I want on the floor…avalanche of confidence”     

23:00 for Wade it was Kobe picking up 94 feet

24:15 Steph grateful for CP3

25:00 Ayesha & Steph went to Six Flags before NBA Draft

26:00 Mia (Dorell’s wife) Wright’s advice at wedding

27:15 Wade/Gab now in LA

27:45 Steph shows scallops

28:45 Gab cheers on Wade

30:30 Steph has to recall what he’s adding from his own notes, Ayesha laughs

31:00 Steph is sweating 

32:15 Wade game nights, baby, painting

33:15 Steph says he’ll be able to do Rubik’s cube with eyes closed in another week

33:30 Curry production companies, Ayesha on Steph for squeezing the lemon

34:45 Ayesha production: food, family, faith, female empowerment

35:45 Currys no sound: we had a glitch in app with correcting audio lag and couldn’t delete this segment

37:00 Currys are back with sound

38:00 Steph signing with Under Armour

39:00 “I’ve had some dud shoes, I’ve had some fire shoes”

39:35 Wade on Li-Ning at 30, on legacy

41:15 Wade: “the world is bigger than what you see out the back window” ‪‬

‪‬42:30 Gab asks Steph about signing deals, Scottie Pippen’s

43:45 Steph: “once you make a decision you gotta live with it…it’s always easy to count other people’s money”

44:45 Steph on his discounted deal: not the only thing that matters

45:15 have people around you

45:45 Ayesha: no matter how nice you are…be a little bit ruthless, step outside yourself, stand up for yourself

46:30 Gab: creating boundaries

47:00 Ayesha: “I was a ‘yes’ woman”

48:15 Wade recalls Miami game-winner, Steph said he was right under the basket 😂

49:15 Leandro Barbosa comments: “my niggaaaaa” 😂

50:30 Wade: “can we come on your cooking show?”

50:45 Gab dances again

51:00 Wade asks Steph about Aaron Gordon’s dunk

51:15 Steph says Aaron Gordon should’ve won

52:15 Wade: everybody comments on what he does with “I give that a 9 out of 10”

52:30 Steph on “look at Curry man”

53:00 Steph on changing the game

53:35 “I didn’t come in trying to do it”

54:00 Ayesha: “You were just happy to be there” ‬

‪54:15 Wade on Kerr’s first reaction of a Steph shot

55:00 Gab on mtg Tim Hardaway

55:30 importance of OGs

56:45 Gab thought Wade might turn into hater on new TNT show

57:30 Gab: “I still wanna be able to have sex with him. There’s nothing more unsexy than a old hater”

58:00 Ayesha on the sexy IG photo with Steph: “love the whole world, get it poppin’, and drink wine”

59:30 Ayesha/Gab on answering questions about their NBA husbands

1:01:30 Gab: “hello beat reporters” 😂

1:02:15 Steph on being seen with his kids

1:03:45 Steph loved it being injured, Ayesha: “It’s made you a better person”

1:05:15 Wade on Big Three Miami vs Warriors dynasty

1:06:30 Wade: “I’m getting buckets in every era. I can play tough game or I can play no defense game” 😂

1:06:45 Steph: “I would’ve sucked cuz there ain’t to no 3pt line” 😂

1:07:15 Wade on The Last Dance, what Jordan meant: “You’re watching my entire childhood”

1:10:30 Gab on the Currys being consistent