Timestamps for Stephen Curry podcast with Rory McIlroy and Carson Daly

Carson Daly and Rory McIlroy had Stephen Curry on their video podcast, called the Rory & Carson Podcast, today. If you’re looking for the timestamps, we’ve got you covered.

One thing though: Lately, with the Dwyane Wade, COSeezy and Johnnyswim livestreams, I’ve found Steph and Ayesha just chatting with friends to be far more interesting than the standard Q&A format of a podcast. You get juicy little tidbits. Let’s hope that’s something we can look out for even after this pandemic is over.

The audio podcast can be found here. The video version can be found here on the NBC “GolfPass” site, but seems to require a membership 🙄 …I only wish more people knew about the power of linked timestamps in YouTube, but I guess either NBC doesn’t or they really want you to pay for that special access to golf stuff.



6:45 Spalding hoop in the backyard took five-and-a-half hours

10:00 golf pro aspirations 

13:00 NBA wait-and-see

15:00 hasn’t watched Tiger King

16:00 likes binge-watching (Ayesha doesn’t)

16:30 on #TheLastDance Michael Jordan documentary 

21:30 Steph on having no fans watch: it would suck"

25:30 Steph on most heckled

26:15 Draymond Green wants confrontation: “verbal warfare”

26:45 Dray picks a fight if room is too quiet

27:45 should be able to yap more in NBA 

28:00 Ayesha/cooking taste tester, watching diet, planning workout 

29:30 Eat.Learn.Play initiatives during pandemic

30:30 Howard University golf program 

32:00 Tiger Woods fave all-time

32:30 Rory hat celebration, Andre Iguodala 

32:45 plays golf with Klay Thompson too, young Warriors want him to teach them