> The Sacramento Kings [...] are willing to [trade] veteran Harrison Barnes, per Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix. However, Mannix reports the Kings only want players that will help them win now in deals for Barnes and are not interested in “future-based offers.”

I know this is SAC so perhaps that's the answer to my question... but isn't HB a win-now guy?

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hello friends, I put up the GT a little early. Figure folks will be watching the early game anyways


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According to Stephen A the Nets are anticipating the NY vaccine mandate will be lifted by the playoffs if not before.

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OT: My wife, a couple of friends and I had an extended encounter with a mama humpback whale and baby whilst out on our stand up paddle boards this morning. Mama brought her baby over and the baby (which are always curious) came up to check everyone out. It came up within a few feet of me and went right under my board. Going through the footage now, but it’s probably going to end up being enough to make a cool YouTube video.

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With Gay and Gobert out, you have to think this'll be a battle of the backcourts. I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that Poole is going to get the start with Klay sitting, so I think Curry-Poole vs. Mitchell-Conley is going to be fun. Mitchell has to try and guard somebody, so I'd definitely say advantage, Warriors.

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I was looking at Vecenies rookie rankings list in which he has Jalen Suggs ahead of Jonathan Kuminga and while I understand you can’t make everyone happy with these type of ranking lists, how are you going to say rankings are based on season long body of work and then put Suggs ahead of Kuminga saying “Suggs is starting to figure it out”

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Rudy Gay ruled out for tonight

> @utahjazz

*OUT - Rudy Gay (Right knee soreness)

Also, there is absolutely nothing on Otto Porter being out tonight in the injury reports guys. I think it's all just off that one messed up Connor tweet that started to snowball

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Important question i/r/t the potential Simmons for Harden trade: does the subtraction of Harden and the addition of Simmons make the Nets collectively a bigger head case, about the same, or less so?

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Jazz stats:


1 in points scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (113.6)

10 in points in paint!! (48.0)

27 in fastbreak points (9.7)

1 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 in shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!! (47.2%)

6 in three point % !!!!!!!!!! (36.1%)

1 in two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (57.0%)

9 in off. rebound % !!! (24.1%)

11 in def. rebound % (77.7%)

2 in total rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (51.8%)

5 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!! (4.2)

15 in opponent steals (7.5)

28 in assists (22.1)

20 in turnovers (14.3)


11 in points allowed (107.6)

18 in opponent points in paint (46.8)

15 in opponent fastbreak points (11.9)

12 in defensive efficiency

13 in opponent shooting % (45.2%)

11 in opponent three point % (34.2%)

9 in opponent two point % !!!! (51.9%)

14 in blocks (4.8)

24 in steals (7.0)

5 in opponent assists!!!!!!!!!!! (23.2)

29 in opponent turnovers (12.0)

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The Utah Jazz are acquiring guard Portland’s Nickeil Alexander-Walker and the Spurs’ Juancho Hernangomez in a three-way deal, sources tell ESPN. The Spurs gets guard Tomas Satoransky and a second-round pick, and the Blazers get Joe Ingles, Elijah Hughes and a second-round pick.

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Sam Vecenie's third rookie rankings out today:

1 Mobley

2 Wagner

3 Barnes

4 Cunningham

5 Jones

6 Giddey

7 Duarte

8 Dosunmu

9 Mitchell

10 Suggs

11 Kuminga

12 Williams

13 Sengun

14 Green

15 Robinson-Earl

Next 5: Quentin Grimes, Josh Christopher, Tre Mann, Kessler Edwards, Bones Hyland

Kuminga and Williams were previously unranked.

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For those who enjoy watching a slow train wreck in which the train engineer appears to have no clue that there is trouble ahead, here is the Westbrook Wrapup: https://sports.yahoo.com/russell-westbrook-lakers-head-coach-frank-vogel-benching-nba-083918140.html

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How players are selected for 3point shootaround in All Star Weekend? It's about their % in 3point shooting in this season?

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Curry talking to Grant Liffman for 45 minutes on a pod that just dropped: https://t.co/MDIbpzNWOB

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On an unrelated matter, do you like 'Lioncopter' as a nick for JFK? (that's Lion + Helicopter). For anyone doubting that he's a lion, watch these two pictures:



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