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This makes me excited for next year. Damn it was good to see him back.

A lot of guys are going to be fighting for spots and are looking real good, so glad we retained Criss but sorry, the Dragon has been slayed. Great size but just does not have what it takes to be a pro athlete.

Also really glad we did not retain McCaw. This will be his last contract.

Wiggins despite the poor shooting night is also looking like a keeper as long as his contract does not interfere with keeping a Paschall I'm good.


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I feel paschall will do well with Steph. He already is taking advantage of the spacing.. there was a particular play where Steph moved and all the defenders followed him leaving paschall with free space. He just drove to the basket and dunked it..

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My favorite player in the history of the NBA is back playing for my favorite team in pro sports. Today was a good day. Forget the L. This was a win all around.

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A message for Damion. I understand you’re furious with yourself, but being there for the team and take responsibility is much more of a plus than making the big shot. And you played great overall. We’ll win next time

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Man did I miss watching Steph. Fun game all around. The young guys need to learn how to play with Steph and when to pass him the ball, especially on his relocation 3s

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Pretty exciting game. Curry's shot was on and off, but his passing was a thing of beauty, and you could also see what Paschall and Wiggins could do in the paint when defenses are terrified to leave Curry on the perimeter. Chriss had an OK game, lots of missed putbacks but great defense. Curry took some risks on defense and got burned. Damion Lee played really well except for the last 30 seconds. Pat McCaw looked pretty whatever (oh wait he was on the other team tonight). Bender had kind of a lackluster game but he did OK against Ibaka. Mulder didn't go off but he was reliable enough.

Just a tiny push more in any number of places and we could've taken this game, it was that close.

Credit to the Raptors for playing really well. Norman Powell, who the hell was that guy?? He did *not* play like that against us before. Siakam was really hard to stop and Lowry was on fire. They're also pretty banged up this season so their record is all the more impressive.

Still, I think if Curry, Klay, and Draymond play at least 50 games each next season, with some semblance of this same roster, it looks like we'll have a mighty fine team after all. Even overpaid as he probably is, if Wiggins looks like this next season we'll be happy to have him.

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GDI, I guess this game was on national TV...? DVR didn't record it. Anyway, WOOT! My guy STEPH IS BACK, baby, THE MAN IS BACK!!

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Curry’s presence alone makes it so much easier for everyone else. Tonight was just a classic case of young guys being young guys in crunch time. It’s damn good to see Steph flashing us old warriors ball again.

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good shake off the rust game

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Anybody have any idea what the plan is with Jonathan Simmons? Like will he at all play on the team this year, and if he works out, will he be back on the team next year?

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The Steph post game is really really good. I'll update the post with the soundcloud when it comes out. Definitely worth a listen

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That was a fun game with the wrong ending. Blame to go around but lots of reasons for hope. Should be an entertaining and annoying rest of the season.

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Welp. GSW did win the rebounding battle by a mile and won the bench battle as well. With Klay back to hound the opposing PG, Lowry won't be able to drop 26 ever unless Klay was in foul trouble. Now about another role player getting a career high on the Warriors home floor, that shit's got to stop.

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Raptors are my pick to once again come out of the east. Itd be super easy for me to root for them if it wasn't for Lowrys hardenesque style of constantly trying to fish for fouls. Other than that they check all the boxes: Good coaching, likeable players, ability to draft like no one else, likeable superstar in Siakkam, solid fanbase.

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Top players:


Powell: (+7)

37 points 13/20 FGs 4/8 three pointers 7/7 FTs

3 rebounds 2 assists 3 turnovers 3 steals

Lowry: (+1)

26 points 6/14 FGs 4/12 three pointers 10/10 FTs

5 rebounds 10 assists 3 turnovers 2 steals

Ibaka: (-2, 3rd place)

13 points 6/11 FGs 1/3 three pointers

13 rebounds (1 off.) 3 assists 1 block

Anunoby: (+11, 3rd place)

14 points 5/7 FGs 3/4 three pointers 1/2 FTs

4 rebounds (2 off.) 3 steals

Honorable mention:

Davis: (+10)

10 points 3/7 FGs 1/3 three pointers 3/3 FTs

2 rebounds 4 assists 2 turnovers


Paschall: (+7)

16 points 6/10 FGs 1/4 three pointers 3/4 FTs

4 rebounds 8 assists 3 turnovers

Lee: (-1)

23 points 8/17 FGs 5/12 three pointers 2/4 FTs

5 rebounds 3 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal

Curry: (-13, 3rd place)

23 points 6/16 FGs 3/12 three pointers 8/8 FTs

7 rebounds 7 assists 1 turnover

Wiggins: (-11, 3rd place)

21 points 9/20 FGs 3/9 three pointers 0/1 FT

9 rebounds (5 off.) 2 assists 2 turnovers 1 block

Honorable mention:

Chriss: (+5)

17 points 6/14 FGs 0/1 three pointer 5/6 FTs

12 rebounds (5 off.) 4 assists 1 turnover 1 steal 2 blocks

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Final stats:


48.2% shooting (40/83 FGs)

13/41 three pointers

28/31 FTs

39 rebounds (3 off.)

28 assists

13 turnovers

10 steals

3 blocks


40.8% shooting (40/98 FGs)

14/52 three pointers

19/25 FTs

52 rebounds (14 off.)

34 assists

16 turnovers

4 steals

4 blocks

Points in paint:

Raptors: 44

Warriors: 40

Fastbreak points:

Raptors: 36

Warriors: 14

Points off turnovers:

Raptors: 20

Warriors: 12

Bench points:

Raptors: 14

Warriors: 27


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