Hopefully Steph and Klay decide to get Wiggy with it and join the Poole party in the 3rd- splish splash!

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Just joined. How are splash bros doing?

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All Star Wiggins showing out on national tv

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Wondering how often unvaccinated players have to be tested before getting onto the court at Chase. What about vaccinated players on visiting team. Any different than requirements for GSW? Anyone know?

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Jan 30, 2022·edited Jan 30, 2022

Dish doesn't carry ABC currently due to some contract issues...so...can sumbuddy gimme a place to freely watch the game? (I don't wanna sign up for anything).

I know this comes up now and again, but i never paid attention cause i didn't have to before.

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Nets stats:


5 in points scored!!!!!!!!!!!! (112.0)

15 in points in paint (46.1)

9 in fastbreak points!!!! (13.5)

7 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!!!

3 in shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (47.3%)

14 in three point % (35.1%)

7 in two point % !!!!!!!! (54.1%)

14 in off. rebound % (23.1%)

22 in def. rebound % (76.0%)

15 in total rebound % (50.1%)

20 in opponent blocks (5.1)

22 in opponent steals (7.9)

8 in assists!!!!! (25.5)

19 in turnovers (14.3)


19 in points allowed (110.0)

16 in opponent points in paint (46.8)

29 in opponent fastbreak points (14.2)

13 in defensive efficiency

5 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!! (44.1%)

2 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (32.9%)

8 in opponent two point % !!!!!! (51.6%)

7 in blocks!!!!!!! (5.4)

26 in steals (7.0)

8 in opponent assists!!!!! (23.1)

27 in opponent turnovers (12.9)

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Are there any restrictions on burning sage at Chase Center?

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Iceberg slim has it right. Without Green who excels at chaos ball, the team as it stands now know where to be and how to play there role. Good all around BB, thanks Kerr.

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One other thing that I'm sure many have already said: I'm so glad Andrew got the vaccination. In the alternate universe where he went Kyrie and refused to get vaccinated, the Warriors are not 36-13 and Wiggins is sitting at home wasting his talent and maybe another year of the Warrior core's championship window. Either that, or someone from among Wiseman, Kuminga, Moody, and Poole is probably no longer a Warrior. It's painful to imagine, so I'll stop there, but I'm grateful that we all live in /this/ universe where everything is working out nicely.

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 29, 2022

I wonder who the most valuable Dub and most valuable player in the league is by this metric: salary divided by minutes played. Meaning ignore points or plus minus, etc. Just how much are you paid, and how much do you work? I'm guessing Looney ...?

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Tom Brady just announced retirement. I hope this is an inspiration to other players to ask if their time to leave has come. Specifically I have in mind Devin Booker, Chris Paul, DeAndre Ayton, Giannis, Embiid, Durant, and anyone else who is even remotely likely to get between the Dubs and a ring.

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Jan 29, 2022Liked by punk basketball

Why does SF permit unvaccinated players to play?

If Draymond has a herniated disc he is done for the year, so saying "when he returns' is slightly optimistic.

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Jan 29, 2022Liked by punk basketball

Warriors now 10-6 with Curry and without Draymond the last two seasons. Some impressive wins (Miami last season, Dallas, Cleveland), some unimpressive wins (@Bulls last season on a buzzer beater, Rockets on a buzzer beater), some unimpressive losses (Pacers), some understandable losses (@Nets, @Bucks twice).

Probably a slightly above .500 team without Klay, maybe the 42-44 win range over an 82 game season. And then in the 45-50 win range with Klay. Add Draymond into the mix and I'm thinking low 60s.

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 30, 2022

Was listening to Fridel on the radio wrending his garments about how “Steph going in a slump during the playoffs is the Warriors Achilles heel”, then waxing about how great Kyrie is on offense. Made me realize that Steph just created such a cognitive dissonance in the larger spectrum of NBA observers that they just can’t believe he’s going to keep making the shots he does… they’re just constantly expecting a “regression to the mean”. Any slump looks like an Ah Ha! See, he’s mortal. He’ll be more appreciated when he’s retired, and those same observers will shift to “Player X is no Steph Curry… nobody ever will be again”

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Let me be the 1,347,221st person to say it: It's stupid that Kyrie can play in Chase.

He'll get his when his team has the ball, but I can't wait to see GPII on him, and I hope Steph, Klay, and Jordan Poole roast him, going over, around, and through him repeatedly.

I also hope Harden plays and wears a looks of perpetual frustration that he can't get all of the cheap fouls he thinks he entitled to.

Time to end the homestand strong. Go Warriors!

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 29, 2022

This seems like a good game for GPII to play a lot. The Nets' hopes hinge on star guard play. I'd be curious to see how well he can limit Kyrie and/or Harden. As a homer I'd like to say that those guys are bums and he's going to shut them out, but that's not quite reality. Be interesting to see how many minutes he gets. Because another way to look at it is that they are both subpar defenders, so put Klay and Steph and Poole out there and outscore them. (Yes, before you jump on my post, I am aware that Klay and Steph have shown they can play defense. But I'd love to see GPII go into Full Court Menace mode)

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