I’m especially looking forward to seeing five players.

Are they looking healthy and moving well on the court like they used to?

- Klay

- Looney

Do they look like they’re picking up where they left off?

- Chriss

- Paschall

- Poole

I saw the clip where Kerr talked about seeing how the players look on things the team asked them to work on. I’d love to see a list of each player and what they were specifically asked to work on.

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Sep 22, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Feels like it would be a pretty different Dubble with some Green Curry. The 5v5 scrimmage teams would be a blast. Imagine Paschall screaming "you can't guard me" on Draymond when Ref Mike Brown whistles an and-one, and the way Dray would return the favor by picking apart Paschall's coverages leading to a wide open Klay three (swish).

Still, I'm sure the team can get in some good practice even without them. The thought of hanging around with some buddies/coworkers for a "totally not training camp" thing feels like it would be pretty exciting to me, so I bet a lot of these guys are similarly ready to throw down some jams and play something resembling real ball.

As I've been pointing out throughout the playoffs, the right amount of continuity is certainly important in taking a team to the next level, so it'll be nice to use this opportunity to build team chemistry and identity. If we're so lucky as to get a televised scrimmage out of it, that'd be rad.

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