Dubs went into last night with...

• A ~20% chance of doing better than they did (including a ~10% chance at thrillsville)

• A ~30% chance of doing what they did

• A ~50% of doing worse than they did (including a ~30% chance of disaster)

Kinda surprised people weren't more excited about last night's result when it happened. I guess some had kinda sorta started to buy the "#1 and #4!!!" fantasies we were having fun with?

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John Hollinger mock: 1. Cunningham, 2. Mobley, 3. Barnes (!!) 4. Sengun (!!!), 5. Green, 6. Suggs, 7. Wagner, 8. Kuminga, 9. Johnson.

More and more mocks now seem to be confirming the idea that it’s a four player draft (or secondarily, a 9-10 player draft), not the “five-player draft” the pundit echo chamber presumed. Remember all the handwringing and weeping by guys like Slater and Strauss when the Wolves rose from #29-30 to #25? All that did for the Warriors was:

1. Increase the chances of the pick conveying from 59.9% to 72.4%

2. Push the “default pick” if it did convey from #5 to #7 (while not really changing the chances of #4).

In the view of Strauss and Slater — despite the *obvious benefit of increasing our chances of keeping the Minny pick* (which, lo, has now conveyed) — we were supposed to be rending our garments at this development, because, DOMG, there went our chances at landing Jonathan Kuminga!!! Well, lo and behold: according to Hollinger, Kuminga is a weaker prospect than Barnes, Wagner, and Sengun. Yeah, just one opinion, but with writers now going off information rather than just parroting “five player draft,” I suspect we’ll increasingly see how silly it was to get our undies in a bunch over the presumed lost chance of getting Kuminga. Heck … we may even end up with Kuminga at #7.

Meanwhile, the two teams who leapfrogged MIN into the #29-30 slots (DET and HOU) have both jumped into the top 3 range — where we would have lost the pick.

Total fail by Strauss and Slater, whom I normally enjoy reading and agree with.

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Pretty excited. Especially in terms of the number of promising 3&D (ie, almost a requirement to be truly playable) prospects that can still be available at the 14th pick.

In terms of what would help us win next year, it seems like a realistically obtainable need is scoring help for the bench units, esp when Klay needs more time to recover, and Curry sits. Those wildcard play-in games had really painful offense to watch when Curry sat. The scoring can be helped by either adding a scorer, or a defense-minded facilitator who can really help activate Wiseman and Poole on offense. I’m kind of a fan of this latter approach: JTA+draftee as defense and facilitators, wiseman, Poole, lee as offense seems like a decent bench (though still a far cry from when we used to have West and Livingston and Iguodala on the bench, sheesh!). If we can get a good free agent vet, then in the draft we’d just slightly prioritize what the vet doesn’t do. BTW, how do people feel about the 7th pick being better than Bazemore or Patty Mills? Otherwise replacing bazemore with draftee means we’ve downgraded in terms of roster potential from last year (Ie not counting Klay against last year’s team). Are there *playable* draft picks at the 7/14 with more offensive potential than wiseman and Poole? Trying to calibrate against what we have already.

The reach of course (whether draft or trade) is to get a player who’s starting caliber, or more importantly game-closing-small-ball caliber. In practice this means someone better than Poole/Lee who takes Looney’s spot when we need more offense and speed. Seems plausible.

Lots of ways to improve, but can we unambiguously break out of the open Western Conference?

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Cannus Hoopis trying to spin the results of the draft is such a thing to behold. Poor fans.

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Looks like my boy Jared Butler grew an inch -- 6'3.75" in shoes with a 6'4" wingspan. Somehow has a higher standing reach than Ayo Dosunmu who's 6'5" in shoes with a 6'10.25" wingspan. Sure wouldn't mind him at 14.

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Will Justinian Jessup play in LV summer league. Looks like Klay on tape of Aussie highlights.

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Rewatching this video... If Zaire Williams is 6'10 idk if I'm passing up on him ESPECIALLY if he's there at 14 which I doubt, 6'10 good defender with shooting playmaking ability in our offense? Maybe we can move up from 14 a little bit and get him and Barnes which would be ridiculous

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In the words of the younger crowd , wow PG really "sold". They're down 0-2 again but Kawhi won't be there to save them this time.

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Hey Warriors fans, who wants to trade for Paul George now? How about Simmons? The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Wow. What an ending.

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"and out of NOWHERE, The Golden State Warriors select Deven Blurry with the #7 pick in the 2021 NBA draft"

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I know this draft is good and all but I have a hard time believing we'll bring in 2 rookies on top of the young guys we already have coming into next year (I still consider Poole and Paschall as inexperienced players for now). Feeling like Bob will package the 2 picks to move up if anyone is willing to bite or include #14 in some trade for a vet.

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First stab at it.

DET Cunningham, who else.

HOU Mobley, paired with Christian Wood, awesome front line

CLE Suggs. Can't see them reaching outside of Tier 1. Garland, Sexton, Suggs nice

TOR J Green They are doing cartwheels.

ORL Kuminga, because they have slow rebuild, top Tier isn't broken.

OKC Keon Johnson or Moody to pair with SGA on the wing

GSW Scottie Barnes. Who else. He was designed in a secret lab under Chase Center

ORL Keon Johnson or Moody, whoever OKC doesn't take, to pair with Kuminga. Sweet

SAC Jalen Johnson, getting ready to move off Bagley

NOP Jaden Springer, backcourt depth with handles

CHA Day'ron Sharpe, first real reach of the draft as they look for a future, Zeller on the move

SAS Alperen Sengun, Pop is gonna Pop

IND Franz Wagner, who else? classic Indy pick, great middle of the road player

GSW Left on the Board: Davion Mitchell, Jared Butler (draft day slide for both as late adjustment to their recent rise) James Bouknight (potential steal), Josh Giddy (do our homework boom or bust), Kispert (right handed Jessup), Zaire Williams (in our backyard, do we have the inside knowledge) Not a bad batch of players to choose from at 14

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Obviously I’d dreamed for more, but 7 is better than a push for us- there were better than even odds that it either wouldn’t convey or be lower- and plenty good to make a big difference for the franchise, so I’m a happy camper.

#7 is actually considerably better than #8 let alone lower than that, given that at least two and possibly three of Kuminga, Barnes, Johnson or Wagner will likely be there. I’d love to get Moody as well, and at 14 it seems at least plausible. Better news is this feels like enough of a haul to potentially go out and get LaVine, who’s probably the most feasible fit out there. Maybe even Simmons, though that’s a lot less likely. We’ll see.

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[Connor Letourneau] Bob Myers: "We're not trying to develop players at the risk of losing ... That's not the plan.

Well, that sounds promising

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I had no idea the lottery was today lol. #7 and #14 is very good. I was honestly expecting to end up with just the 14th pick

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I want moody over Barnes forsure however I could see the thunder taking moody since they already have poku as a non shooting project. 14 there's a lot of options but imo 7 has to be either moody, Barnes or kuminga if he falls

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