2021 Dub Nation HQ Draft Tournament

We're crowdsourcing this pick to the smartest crowd in Dub Nation

It’s time for our annual Draft Pick Tournament, where we decide whom we want for the #7 pick, in a big bracket with pairwise showdowns.


The Tournament

Starts this week and should end right before the actual NBA Draft. For each showdown, people can vote on my Twitter poll or state your vote clearly in the DNHQ comments. Naturally, 1 comment vote = 10 Twitter votes.

I’ll bring the scouting reports and commentary. You bring your vote.

I’ll keep updating this page with the tournament posts.

First Round

Second Round



Boss Fight

Final Wrapup

DFiB did some weighting of the votes and computed this average Non-Top-6 Big Board by DNHQ voters.

  1. Moody

  2. Sengun

  3. Wagner

  4. Bouknight

  5. Kispert

  6. Giddey

  7. Williams

  8. Mitchell

  9. Jones

  10. Duarte

  11. Johnson

  12. Garuba

  13. Butler

  14. Johnson

  15. Springer

  16. Jackson

Also, DNHQ community member void went the extra mile to write a Big Board compiler which lets us immortalize our own personal Big Boards for future humiliation, and aggregates the results.

Appendix: Choosing the field

Who is in the Draft Pick Tournament for #7?

This year there is a consensus Top 6:

  • Cade Cunningham will go #1

  • Jalen Suggs, Jalen Green and Evan Mobley will likely be the next three in some order

  • Barnes and Kuminga should finish the Top 6.

It’s possible there will be some little surprises in order, but everyone expects those to be the Top 6. And #7 is a bit more wide open than usual. So let’s have a tournament of all the picks that the mock drafters think will go between #7 and #13. Basically, any player not listed here is very likely to be available at #14 anyway.

I looked at 15 published mock drafts by prominent media, and here were the players.

  • Alperen Sengun x 9

  • Corey Kispert x 8

  • Davion Mitchell x15

  • Franz Wagner x14

  • Isaiah Jackson x2

  • Jaden Springer x3

  • Jalen Johnson x12

  • James Bouknight x10

  • Josh Giddey x14

  • Kai Jones x4

  • Keon Johnson x14

  • Moses Moody x11

  • Scottie Barnes

  • Tre Mann

  • Usman Garuba x2

For completeness, here are the Mock Drafts choices for GSW.



The Seedings

I’ve taken Scottie Barnes and Jonathan Kuminga out of the field, and we’ll have a special runoff round between those two and whoever we select as the winner of the tournament. I added Ziaire Williams, Chris Duarte, and Jared Butler, who were good suggestions as dark horses to be picked #7, and dropped Tre Mann who was mentioned only once and then no higher than #17 in any other mock.

I believe the odds are very high that GSW’s #7 pick will come from this pool of players.

Everyone gets seeded by this score: the sum of their appearances in post-lottery mock drafts from #7 to #13, plus (times they were actually selected for the GSW #7 pick, plus number of selections for GSW in pre-lottery mock drafts) times 2.

  • #1 Davion Mitchell

  • #2 Franz Wagner

  • #3 James Bouknight

  • #4 Keon Johnson

  • #5 Jalen Johnson

  • #6 Josh Giddey

  • #7 Moses Moody

  • #8 Kai Jones

  • #9 Alperen Sengun

  • #10 Corey Kispert

  • #11 Ziaire Williams

  • #12 Usman Garuba

  • #13 Chris Duarte

  • #14 Jared Butler

  • #15 Isaiah Jackson

  • #16 Jaden Springer

Bonus Reference