Summer League game thread: finally the debut of Moody and Kuminga, maybe?

really this time

Game Info

Golden State Warriors vs Miami HEAT

  • 2021.08.04 5:00 pm Pacific

  • at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento

  • TV: ESPN U, whatever the heck that is — oh hey, I have it on SlingTV! woo hoo

Summer League Roster

Kris Weems is the head coach (and also the head coach of the Santa Cruz Warriors). 

Keep your eyes on

  • Kuminga and Moody, of course, the recent draft picks. 

  • Justinian Jessup, the legendary late second rounder from last year who has been developing in the Australian NBL. Looked a bit slow out there on Tuesday and bricked a lot of shots. But it’s only the first game. Also note: 3 pt line for NBL is FIBA/WNBA/NCAA line at 6.75m = 22’ 1.75”, NBA is 23’ 9” = 7.29 m

  • Gary Payton II, signed but only partially guaranteed. He’s auditioning to the Warriors and the world for an NBA spot. Didn’t play on Tuesday.

  • Ryan Taylor, sharpshooter toiling in the G-League who may get a two-way this year. Kind of passive on Tuesday.

  • Jordan Schakel. Undrafted 3-and-D guy with really good shooting stats. Looked pretty good on jumpers on Tuesday.

  • Jaquori McLaughlin, a huge favorite of Perks, who is threatening to write an in-depth piece about him. Some good flashes.

  • Poole, Paschall and Mulder. Will be a surprise if they play at all. 

On Tuesday

Apricot's In-Game Notes from Tuesday

  • Practicing the basic split cut. I like.

  • Jessup catch and shoot off pin down, fires it up, miss. Then a nice steal followed by a sloppy turnover. Jessup with a block two plays later. Good patience at the end of the clock, passing to "shackle" Schakle who cans the 3. Schakle airballs a floater next play.

  • booo I wanted to see Davion iso Jessup. Passes out of it

  • McLaughlin looks pretty skittish on O to start, Shackle is automatic on any open jump so far

  • Davion with some pretty good passes so far, many not converted to points.

  • Nifty little interior pass from Jessup. He's actually playing with a lot of composure. His shot not falling though.

  • [on EvanZ comment on Jessup] Everyone gives EvanZ Smiley vibes

  • From the first quarter: Davion plays with a lot of charisma. You want to see what he's going to do. Good passes. An uncoordinated defense has no hope of stopping his drives.

  • Ryan Taylor was made to not shine in this setting. His handle doesn't look confident, and when he cuts, the team won't or can't find him.

  • Schackel / Jessup / Taylor / McLaughlin in. This is the shooting lineup. Relatively speaking. I know you can't tell yet.

  • [Abaddon: they are shooting.] Exactly! Maybe your specifications should have been more specific!!

  • Schakel is a deadeye shooter. And that was a beautiful bounce pass from Pemberton on the break.

  • Anthony Randolph officially destroyed forever any model tying summer league performance to NBA performance

  • Jessup is out of rhythm. Davion is fun as f to watch, but I think the results have been very erratic on O. A number of good plays on defense though, with a steal and stoning McLaughlin on the iso.

  • Best play from Jaquori so far... jab towards screen, man gets hung up, quick decisive pull-up for 3.

  • Definitely want to see more of Schakel in the future.

  • I can already tell Mitchell will have nothing to prove at this level. He can get to the rim or get his shots against disorganized teams. Will be fun to see him against NBA teams.

  • Yes, post-game concert right outside the arena... when I went two years ago, it was Lil Jon

  • Davion with a cool looking drive with a huge pushoff and then a turnover. Davion is electric, but he has some amount of flop in his game.

  • Not sure why Schakel generated so much more offense than Taylor. Maybe luck, maybe Taylor was a bit passive cutting off-ball...?

  • Jessup's team defense looked competent. But certainly a couple of plays when a perimeter player blew by him.

  • Glad the team got practice running their one set... HORNS, cross-screen of elbows, pass to one elbow, look at strong side corner for backcut or handoff, if nothing, pass back to weak side for a pin down. Always very interesting to me what choice the coaches make for the very first Kerrball set to teach players.

  • Okay, tomorrow's game is 5pm Pacific, supposedly on ESPN U. U either stands for University, or u-substitution, can't remember which