Summer League game thread: debut of Justinian Jessup, but no Moody, Kuminga till Wed

Should be a fun little scrimmage

It’s not too late if you want to buy tickets

Game Info

Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings

  • 2021.08.03 8pm Pacific

  • at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento

  • TV: ESPN 2

Summer League Roster

Since the official announcement, Kyle Gay will also be joining the team.

Kris Weems is the head coach (and also the head coach of the Santa Cruz Warriors).

Keep your eyes on

The Kings will have recent draft picks Davion Mitchell and Neemias Queta among others.

Scouting Report from Coach Weems

I really enjoyed this.

Do you plan to start Kuminga and Moody on the wing together?

Yeah, I believe that is the plan. They will start together. And then, they both have versatility in their games. They have high skill levels. I think Moody's an underrated playmaker and Jonathan obviously is a pretty good defender, but I think he's an underrated rebounder, as well as he can post a little bit and finish around the basket, one of his better skillsets. So I think I can play them both together. The main thing is that they learn, like I've mentioned before playing 0.5, knowing what you're going to do when the ball is in the air on the way to you and knowing the reads so you can make the right play for your team.

Have you had them play together in practice the first three days? And if so, how has that kind of going?

We have had them play together. It's been that they've been together a fair amount. Actually today Moses came off a screen from Jonathan up top, he drew two people and he hit him on the pocket pass and he was able to knock down a 17 footer.

It's just one of those things like you, you got to get them the reps so they can play off of each other. And at the same time they're going to be playing off of our really talented, veteran players. And so they have to understand that the ball is not going to be in their hands the whole time.

They have to be ready to excel in that, whatever role that is. And a lot of that has to do with playing together in these practice situations. And of course, summer league's another way to gauge that.

What are your impressions on Kuminga? I know you guys have had three practices.

We coached against him in the bubble in Orlando during the G League season. And so we've gotten to see him up close and it's nice to have him in the blue and gold. I think he's got amazing athleticism. He's strong for a 18 year old in terms of getting to the basket. He really doesn't get the ball taken from him. He's got a pretty solid handle. And I think that he's going to be somebody that can finish around the rim.

A lot of times, young guys just don't have the finishing package to do that, but it seems like it's something that he's worked on and he's pretty confident in. And then we've got, of course, work on his shooting, his outside shooting and playing on the perimeter. But those are the big things that I've seen from him. Just ability to finish around the basket and the confidence to play strong with the ball and knowing that nobody else is going to be able to take it from him.