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If Mac keeps this up Myers will be forced to sign him somehow. Santos can be stashed for a season or two, I like what I’ve seen from him.

Our 1-10 players is solid. Our bench unit right now with the young guys could be a starting team for many mid tier to bottom level teams. Poole-Donte-Moody-Kuminga-JW

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Positive trend for Kuminga, including his otherwise-desultory first SL game, that I've noticed is he's been pretty solid about boxing out/finding somebody to put a body on when a shot goes up.

Also, I absolutely fucking loved his dribble penetration and dish to Wiseman in the 4th quarter. Properly keeping a trailing defender on your hip/back and keeping the handle tight is one of my favorite plays in basketball when done right, and he did it perfectly at 6'8". Then a great dish (and great hands by Wiseman, it was a good pass but with some velocity from maybe 10 feet away, so not an easy catch). And to top it off, Wiseman didn't bring the ball down and gather unnecessarily, just went straight up for the quick dunk.

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Oh boy - Nash has lost the locker room

Jeri Tsai

Reporter: "I was talking to your coach Steve Nash & he's encouraging you to look for your shot & your teammates"

Cam Thomas rolls eyes "It is what it is"

Seems even sophomore Cam Thomas is tired of Steve Nash "coaching"



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Good to see Steph getting some shooting practice on the links!


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Just finished the 1sty and 4th quarters. So great to see Big Jim running around looking healthy. The first couple of minutes were awesome, he was on fire. JK still has some room for growth, I admit to being a little disappointed - but the athleticism is no joke, so I hope works out.

But the real star of the show, Mac McClung. That dude was playing all out. Good for him - love the effort. He looks pretty good too, knocked down some shots, and quite a few nifty finishes.

I know people are talking about whether we should have already given Quinones a 2 way, etc., but we do have to remember, we only have 12/15 slots filled and 1/2 two ways (assuming Rollins does get a contract and Quinones keeps his two way). That leaves 4 slots for Q.Spoon, Gui, Mac, and whoever else. I think we have enough space for all these players if they show they belong in a Dubs jersey. Remember that rookies are something like 5M cheaper than vets when including tax, and our top 10 players are gonna soak up all the minutes, so I would not be surprised to see the Dubs sign some of these fringe players to rookie contracts.

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Okay, quick considerations on the game:

- McClung’s surname sounds dramatically like a Kuminga FT on the rim, but the kid is damn good. Is there room for the brick brother in the roster?

- Kuminga is playing horrible offense basketball, but I am relieved that he’s inherited the stoic and peaceful acceptance of defeat from the big bros. ROAR.

- If BigTicket hadn’t been so lordly and polite in the glass cleaning, especially on offense, his comeback would have been perfect. But I’m sure that a couple of Dray’s roars will do the trick. That jump shot of his is Dirk news for the NBA Ds

- finally a warrior’s game. well done, Cooper.

- Q has still 5 years of time and 95% skin for tattoos, to get to GP2 level. Very clutch-sensitive already.

- Santos should be stashed with confidence

- Jessup should be stashed and forgotten

- why did we put Quinones on a two-way, anyway?

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I'm going backpacking for a week. Give me a preview of what I'm going to miss!

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So... McClung has a honest shot to make the team right? He has the hustle, the mindset and surprising athleticism. I think he is a decent Kerr-ball fit. (Then again I just watched highlights so I may have a skewed viewpoint).

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Well. Based on that game I’m pretty happy.

Wiseman played better than I was expecting. For sure needs to work on timing especially around the boards. But very nice shooting from all distances. Excellent defensive effort, especially in the last minute. Moving smoothly, looking strong, delivered a few nasty picks. I like his self-criticism in the post game interview - he knows what he needs to fix.

Kuminga played some great PG, showed handle, passing, plus steady defense on Primo, boards. A complete game and great learning experience for the guy. Yea the 3 point shooting was poor and free throws muchhhhh worse, but that can be worked on. I hope. Monster when driving to the rim though and he can get much better at that too.

McClung was pretty impressive. He is clearly going all out to make a mark. To the point of excessive ball hogging instead of team play, but for him clearly summer league is an audition. Hard not to love his hustle.

Quindary had some nice moments, but the rest of the guy were … Summer League guys. Quinones was for sure disappointing, not much presence. And the shooting overall was terrible.

And the Warriors won! Lol big come back powered by Kuminga.

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How can Warriors sign McClung?

He signed a 2-way contract with Lakers.


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Any chance Big Mac replaces Quionnes on the 2way?

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Wiseman looked healthy and athletic, so that's a really positive sign. Awareness was still lagging considerably behind what is required for a rotation level NBA C though.

I still haven't seen anything that pops with Quinones at all. Well, apart from the shorts, but that's a different kind of pop.

Conversely, Weatherspoon always looks really solid whenever he plays. Good on-ball defender and smart cutter and passer. Wouldn't mind if he occupies a roster spot this year.

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LaRavia: 28 minutes, 2 pts on 1-5 fg. 0-4 3fg, 2 reb, 1 ast.

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I'm only judging Wiseman based on how he moved in this one, he basically hasn't played basketball in a year. Thought he moved well.

Going forward though, the things I want to see him improve on that weren't really there in this game:

1-98) Rebound the ball

99) Use your size to your advantage (try not to settle for jumpers)

100) Foul less (this could have been a product of conditioning though)

Liked some of the rim protection he was offering, still needs to react quicker for the NBA game but this is a good training ground for that.

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Ok I’m watching now on delay, couldn’t watch until now. Should be fun!

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Well I tuned in for the final minute after leaving midway through the 3rd. You’re welcome lol

But seriously though what happened? Did we finally start making threes?

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