Klay’s 37 Point Quarter: The Ultimate Video plus Rewatch Thread

Klay 37

It’s being re-broadcast tonight on NBCSN.

We’ve actually covered Klay’s 37 on its anniversary earlier this year:

The Ultimate Video of Klay’s 37

So I’m pretty jazzed about the products of my first two The Ultimate Videos. They took a ton of time to make, but I feel good about how they turned out. These are videos that edit together game footage with the player’s commentary on the actual plays from right afterwards, along with some diagrams to explain how plays work.

In case you missed them, they are:

I don’t quite know why no one else has ever put together player audio with video analysis, but it really works for me, and I’m starting to get better at it. The Bang Bang one almost did me in, but I finally just let it go.

I had a personal goal of covering OKC Game 6 and I’ve already looked at the player comments, and this will be a good one.

Are there other games you want to get the Ultimate Game Video treatment?

I think they need to be famous games that you can describe in a very short phrase (Klay 37, Bang Bang, OKC Game 6).

Fire away.

Also, if anyone is (re)watching the game, feel free to comment here about it.