Niceeeeeee, I love it. Thanks Eric.

Someone please explain me what was it about, the reproach by Kerr to Dray. I give in exchange some Italian slang fun: we say “si è preso uno sciampoo” literally “Dray got shampooed by the coach, or even funnier hardcore Milano slang “ghe ga petinà i uregie”, “he combed Dray’s ears”

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You fooled me. I thought that wink was going to be to the whole game. 😑

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Solid wire-to-wire win by the Dubs. Man, those Curry threes are pretty, but his ability to drive and finish in traffic is what's really making this offense work.

Anthony Davis seems like a problem for this team with his size and finesse from the post, but at this rate the Pels are going to have a hell of a time keeping up with the pace and shooting of the Splash Bros.

We seriously need to cut down on the turnovers, though.

(2020 me: somehow these things aren't the same without Servant of Luna's stats and best players posts)

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anyone got a link or Google drive of the full game?

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They'll need a strong game two to get back into this series!

I love Kerr's motion offense, I feel like he can take our team to the next level...Mark Jackson just doesn't have what it takes. And he's a terrible announcer.

Let's go Dubs!

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