A bit late but here are my thoughts:

Center: Wiseman is a huge gamble. I'd rather make a play in the second round for Udoka Azubuike from Kansas.

Wings: Obi Tappan could contribute the most right away. Deni Avdija is a good mix of contribute right away and potential. Saddiq Bey from Villanova could also be a good choice, say on a trade down swap with Orlando and throw in other assets to get Aaron Gordon as part of the deal.

Guards: I know a lot of people are big on Killian Hayes but I think Tyrese Haliburton with his size and shooting is a great choice provided he bulks up a bit. Looking at the second round picks, Payton Pritchard could be a nice fit a PG

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Centre James Wiseman.

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I don't think I've ever guessed correctly about who the Warriors will pick in any draft. I don't watch enough college ball to have strong opinions, but I have followed stats of players that I thought would make it in the NBA and most have turned out to be productive players. In this draft, and the coming season, the Warriors need size and toughness. The center position is crying out to be filled but the Warriors are not your typical team enamored by high priced big men or drafting big men early in the draft. They don't seem committed to the position and seem to feel they can get by with 2nd tier biggies, and even 3rd tier biggies. Bogut was the exception.

Now, they are faced with the possibility of having a #1 pick and the ability to fill the C position with it. Wiseman is intriguing. Looking at his highlight clips, they've never had a player like this, yet many don't support this pick. I think at worst, they would have another asset that could always be moved as bigs are often sought after. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the Warriors either won't pick him, or favor another player like Obi or Killian, or trade the pick to acquire a proven vet. That vet is anybody's guess. Killian seems like a stretch for the #1 pick.

I also think it is hard to dismiss Obi as not having enough D. That guy is NBA ready. Just look at him! He will make Draymond look dispensable. With an offensive package to augment the loss of KD and the poor offensive input of Draymond, he seems a top choice to me.

I am also intrigued by the Frenchman Killian with an Irish name. Our 2nd greatest need is backup PG, combo guard. This guy looks to have it all and we need scoring very badly from our bench. An aggressive scorer coming off the bench is such a tasty treat for us fans.

I can't get the idea out of my head of the Warriors being major players in the trading department. So I think they'll use the #1 pick not for themsleves but in a trade lined up already. It should be an interesting off season in any case for the Warriors.

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My Warriors draft board is:

1st tier

1) Killian Hayes

2) Isaac Okoro

2nd tier

3) Deni Avdija

4) Anthony Edwards

5) Onyeka Okongwu

The skillset we should be looking for are two way players that can play in any lineup. Players who can be lynchpins on D and help rebuild that side of the ball. On offense, I don't think a primary creator/scorer is necessary, but certainly want someone who can contribute efficiently off Steph and Klay with the potential to grow into more.

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Maybe it is stupid, but if I had to choose I would avoid anything Ball-related anywhere close to the dubs. There seems to be less Lonzo drama lately, but it took a long time...

I think I would go with Anthony Edwards if he is available, he could just be the best one of the pack, he can play the weak 3 position of this roster and is apparently above average defender for a rookie.

Or Wiseman ? I read here and there that he is overrated and maybe nothing more than a rim runner, but if no one else really stands out, why not gamble on him ?

Anyway the front office is likely to fill the needs of this roster via free agency, so even this pick is not shipped to a rebuilding team in a trade, the rook is not likely to be a central piece of the team next year (which is a pity, just imagine the talks if it was draft 2018 or 19...)

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The type that another team wants, and will trade championship ready veterans for.

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Hey, I have kind of a follow up question. The general consensus is that trading down in the NBA draft generaly does not work out well (i.e it's better to have a high pick than 2 lower ones). Usually I think that has proven to be true. On the other hand many consider this draft to be the exception. I think I'd rather have, say, the 7th and 17th picks than the #1 this year. Thoughts?

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Stephen Curry

Jordan Poole

Ky Bowman


Klay Thompson

Mychal Mulder


Andrew Wiggins

Glenn Robinson III

Juan Tuscano-Anderson


Draymond Green

Eric Paschall

Dragan Bender

Alen Smailagic (develop in Santa Cruz to begin season. Or keep Lee.)


Marquese Chriss

Nerlens Noel

Goga Bitadze (develop in Santa Cruz to begin season)


Devin Vassell (on a 2-way contract)


Yes: great defense, great 3-point shooting

Yet: great offense upside (excellent form) and can be groomed to be our defensive leader post-Draymond

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They should draft the best player available and then trade for somebody else on a rookie contract if the player they drafted does fill a need. The biggest needs are pretty clearly another center with Looney's future very uncertain and another SF/SG, preferably a lockdown defender who can shoot just enough to not be a liability. As always, the biggest problem is the cap especially since it is almost certain to go down with the loss of this year's playoffs and the closure of the Chinese league. You would hope that the league would just keep the existing cap due to the extenuating circumstances, but given that the entire purpose of the league is to make a lot of money for the team owners, and the best way to do that is cut salary, that seems unlikely.

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I'd say we're weakest at small forward, and at center. At center we need one good traditional big, unless we don't want to play that style at all and use stretch centers to torture the traditional bigs. Our players at that position have a lot to prove, although I think they have some potential. At small forward, if Wiggins pans out, we just need another 3 and D athlete with a high IQ, a 3 point shooter to give an extra option, and/or a shutdown defender.

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Maybe trade for two picks in next years draft and go after Giannis in 2021

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