Question: What is Damion Lee's role next season?

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Current Depth Chart

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Damion Lee

He gutsily stepped into a larger role this semester and was sometimes the only player on the court who seemed to generate any offense at all. His dribbling used to be an adventure, but he seems to have settled that down. He showed off a functional floater game and put pressure on the defense curling off pindowns and driving on the catch.

Very encouraging sequence too, after Lee had a rough end-of-game against Toronto and his teammates had his back …

… and then Damion bounced back the next night with perhaps his best game.

ESPN RPM assesses him as a positive on defense and negative on offense: Offensive RPM -0.49 and Defensive RPM +0.31, putting him overall at #59 out of 137.

Cleaning The Glass says: Slightly above-average scorer, low turnovers, low assists. Slightly above-average steals and rebounder. Fouls somewhat frequently, rarely blocks.

And advanced stats like BPM are down on Damion.

So, do we see a productive role next season for Damion Lee on what we hope is a contender?

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