Question: Should the Warriors play as normal, in front of no crowds, or cancel the games?

This is the big question. Should the Warriors:

  1. cancel home games

  2. play home games in front of no crowds

  3. play home games in front of normal large crowds

The city seems to think NOT (3).

Lacob and Co. are so far going with (3).

Presumably a big factor is the fact they would have to refund ticket holders and take a big hit.

Also, arena employees who are not “essential”, including clean up staff, retail staff, food servers, etc. etc., would be out of money, or GSW would have to pay them sick leave.

My guess is GSW is just trying to get through this homestand (tonight and Thursday) without cancelling, and then it’s someone else’s problem until the Mar 25 return against ATL.

Do you have an opinion?