Question: Can Ky Bowman play a role on a contender?

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Current Depth Chart

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Ky Bowman

He tore up the G-League for months before getting a chance with the ghost town of the injured Warriors.

He excited fans with his energy and speed, and his surprising hops which led him to try dunking on everyone any time he got into the paint and gave him the (questionable) nickname Sky Bowman. He has three point range, but an erratic jumper. At 6’ 2” he is undersized and players did bully him with size and power.

The stats have to be taken with many grains of salt due to small sample size and chaotic team situation, but ESPN RPM rates him #79 out of 93 point guards, with Offensive RPM -1.74 and Defensive RPM +0.17 (#23 of 93).

Cleaning The Glass stats are very negative on him: Bottom of the league at scoring, assisting and coughing up the ball. Great at steals, average at rebounding for a PG, and fouls too much.

And advanced stats like BPM consider Bowman to be almost neutral on defense, but a disaster on offense. That’s what a 30.8% 3P% and 41.7% FG% will do.

So, are we going to see Ky Bowman playing any kind of serious role next season? Possibly as a backup point guard, jumping over Poole? Or back to the G-League?

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