If Burks goes, we have a lock on the lottery pick. lol

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I have a feeling this one will be close... which probably bodes poorly for us. If the Warriors lose another game in OT...

I think it all comes down to hitting open shots and layups. If we do that, the offense can probably hang. I could see the Nets running us out in transition though. They have enough guys who can knock down threes that a few miscommunications could put us in a deep hole.

I'll be keeping an eye on Paschall, Poole, Spellman, and Russell on defense to see if they get mixed up.

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It will be interesting to see if Burks plays tonight. If he does, I suspect no deal for him is happening.

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Nets stats:


18 in points scored (110.3)

5 in points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!! (50.2)

14 in fastbreak points (13.6)

22 in offensive efficiency

24 in shooting % (44.5%)

26 in three point % (34.2%)

17 in two point % (51.8%)

14 in off. rebound % (22.7%)

20 in def. rebound % (76.9%)

10 in total rebound % ! (50.8%)

24 in opponent blocks (5.6)

19 in opponent steals (7.9)

17 in assists (23.9)

27 in turnovers (15.9)


19 in points allowed (111.8)

11 in opponent points in paint (46.9)

13 in opponent fastbreak points (12.8)

11 in defensive efficiency

4 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!! (44.3%)

14 in opponent three point % (35.4%)

2 in opponent two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (49.3%)

17 in blocks (4.7)

25 in steals (6.8)

2 in opponent assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (22.0)

24 in opponent turnovers (13.4)

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Where do you pull these from Luna?

I'm seeing slightly different numbers (maybe associate with pace of play?)

But even looking at bball ref raw points per game right now, there are some discrepancies.


Points scored per game: 110.3

Points allowed per game: 111.8

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I use this website: https://www.teamrankings.com/nba/stats/

As for the offensive and defensive efficiency, I use ESPN Hollinger's NBA Team Stats.

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"The problem is the market inefficiency of the NBA right now. What the Warriors want most (a “3 and D” wing player) is probably the most overpriced category of player. So where else could the Warriors procure the sort of output that Russell offers?"

This summer:

MIN gets DLo

WAS gets Wiggins plus a boatload of young assets/picks (possibly including MIN and GS #1s)

GS gets Beal

Book it.

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Keeping DLo through 20-21 gives us a shot at the Giannis sweepstakes. Hang onto him and see how he meshes with Steph and Klay.

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Same would apply to Beal. Yeah, it’s a lateral-ish move (so probably not worth dumping our #1 pick for, especially give how unhappy Beal seems to be in DC). But I think enough of a mild upgrade in terms of style of play, consistency, defense, and fit to make it worth it.

Steph and Brad practically making out after the Wiz game basically sealed it for me. :-)

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While I'm inclined to disagree, I understand your thinking.

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Help me understand how that is a win for the Warriors, because I can't see it.

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Beal is a pretty similar player to Russell: amazing offense, terrible defense, works best with the ball in his hands. Beal is a little older and a little more efficient shooting (higher percentages and higher rate of getting fouled, if I'm reading bball-ref right). Beal has a higher RAPTOR rating and slightly better eFG%, TS%, WAR, etc. Russell's main advantage is that he's a few years younger so he could plausibly improve to be better than Beal or at least be about as good for longer. So if you want to double down on winning next year or the year after, the trade might help do that. If you wanna maximize winning over the next 5 seasons, maybe don't do the trade.

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So it seems like close to a lateral move, plus you are losing a pick? Sticking with my initial reaction, which was "Yuck!"

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Beal is one of those guys who was widely regarded as a solid defender, but some of the data just isn't there to support it.

Klay is in the same boat, so YMMV as to how much stock to put in the defensive side of things.

But I'm generally willing to roll the dice and a triple splash lineup, defense be damned

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Ooh, good one!

You've always been good at these games

I also really am getting more and more into Glenn Robinson as a player to keep. He's comparable to Covington in almost all aspects, and has been mostly holding his own covering the best player on the other team. I really do think he can be part of the 3 and D wing solution next year (assuming we don't drop him for picks)

Also, Sleepy, how do you like our 5am publish time on these? Thinking of you East Coasters and running it earlier but wondering if it's early enough or if we should go back to midnight the day before like GSOM

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5 am works for me! I’m in full REM mode at that time, dreaming of <strikethrough>Ros<strikethrough> Warriors victories. :-)

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DLo is gonna drop 40+ tonight. The trade rumors and visiting the team that ditched him for Kyrie has gotta be motivation.

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Just realized Kyrie is out... for WEEKS. He fell awkwardly in a game last week, has a knee sprain. Will not play tonight : (

I was really looking forward to that matchup

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Whoa, I'm thinking three in a row now!

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Comment deleted
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Man I really miss that man and his MFn crazy (hands and) mind.

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