If Burks goes, we have a lock on the lottery pick. lol

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I have a feeling this one will be close... which probably bodes poorly for us. If the Warriors lose another game in OT...

I think it all comes down to hitting open shots and layups. If we do that, the offense can probably hang. I could see the Nets running us out in transition though. They have enough guys who can knock down threes that a few miscommunications could put us in a deep hole.

I'll be keeping an eye on Paschall, Poole, Spellman, and Russell on defense to see if they get mixed up.

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It will be interesting to see if Burks plays tonight. If he does, I suspect no deal for him is happening.

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Feb 5, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Nets stats:


18 in points scored (110.3)

5 in points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!! (50.2)

14 in fastbreak points (13.6)

22 in offensive efficiency

24 in shooting % (44.5%)

26 in three point % (34.2%)

17 in two point % (51.8%)

14 in off. rebound % (22.7%)

20 in def. rebound % (76.9%)

10 in total rebound % ! (50.8%)

24 in opponent blocks (5.6)

19 in opponent steals (7.9)

17 in assists (23.9)

27 in turnovers (15.9)


19 in points allowed (111.8)

11 in opponent points in paint (46.9)

13 in opponent fastbreak points (12.8)

11 in defensive efficiency

4 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!! (44.3%)

14 in opponent three point % (35.4%)

2 in opponent two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (49.3%)

17 in blocks (4.7)

25 in steals (6.8)

2 in opponent assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (22.0)

24 in opponent turnovers (13.4)

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Feb 5, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

"The problem is the market inefficiency of the NBA right now. What the Warriors want most (a “3 and D” wing player) is probably the most overpriced category of player. So where else could the Warriors procure the sort of output that Russell offers?"

This summer:

MIN gets DLo

WAS gets Wiggins plus a boatload of young assets/picks (possibly including MIN and GS #1s)

GS gets Beal

Book it.

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DLo is gonna drop 40+ tonight. The trade rumors and visiting the team that ditched him for Kyrie has gotta be motivation.

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