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Celtics stats:


13 in points scored (112.2)

11 in points in paint (48.8)

6 in fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!! (15.3)

7 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!!!

15 in shooting % (46.1%)

15 in three point % (35.6%)

11 in two point % (52.6%)

8 in off. rebound % !!!!! (23.6%)

11 in def. rebound % (77.4%)

13 in total rebound % (50.1%)

22 in opponent blocks (5.4)

2 in opponent steals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6.8)

18 in assists (23.5)

7 in turnovers!!!!!!!! (13.7)


3 in points allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (105.5)

4 in opponent points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!! (43.3)

16 in opponent fastbreak points (13.2)

5 in defensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!

6 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!! (44.4%)

11 in opponent three point % (34.5%)

9 in opponent two point % !!!! (50.6%)

5 in blocks!!!!!!!!!!! (5.9)

8 in steals!!!!! (8.2)

6 in opponent assists!!!!!!!!!! (23.0)

6 in opponent turnovers!!!!!!!!!! (15.5)

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Well this is interesting:


(MAJOR changes to the all-star game format)

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Welp, Tatum is in.

(and damn, we need formatting in comments Substack!!!)


#NEBHInjuryReport Jayson Tatum will play tonight and will be on a minutes restriction, per Brad Stevens

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Hummm Kerr is working on Green and D'lo ball handling tandem...

2nd unit death squad confirmed with Paschall starting!

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I don't mind the losing at all, I just want to see a team that plays hard and with a passion and is working towards bigger goals next year. I seem to like WCS more than most Warriors fans, but "energy" definitely isn't his strong suit. Hopefully the replacements, though not as good, come out and play harder and don't fall into a pickup game mentality as easily.

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This one will be ugly but at least it's an early game.

Good to see Looney on the floor. Hope he's fully healed from whatever was ailing him.

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