Omi-Chronic, coming to your neighborhood dispensary. Stay safe Dub Nation.

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Curry's 2974 collection will be $499 each. All proceeds go to Eat. Learn. Play. Great cause. A bit out of my price range.


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Think I'm a little late to the party, but who do we think the FO will bring in and can they actually make a difference?

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Oh damn, Davion is out for protocols? On the one hand that is a shame because I liked watching Curry vs Mitchell and Apricot's ensuing E1P, but I suppose this makes Curry's night a bit easier which is good considering how tired he's looked recently. Fox is out too, but personally I prefer Haliburton anyway.

EDIT: Holmes out again, that's definitely a loss for Sacramento. Len is out too so our old pal Damian Jones should get plenty of time.

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OT I think Memphis has gotten more dangerous with Ja out.

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As the NBA season unravels apparently so do these threads

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Long OT story: I think I’ve mentioned that I volunteer at a sanctuary for sick, injured, orphaned and abandoned animals. Since I have a fair amount of experience with exotic birds and because some at the sanctuary are really aggressive, they’re my focus.

Besides feeding and cleaning up after them, I also work to habituate them (get them use to people) so other volunteers aren’t scared to enter the enclosure.

One particular cockatoo named Mercedes is a real handful and can be quite aggressive. (I’ve come to find out she’d been abused by her previous owner’s boyfriend, so it’s understandable.) I’ve been patiently working to gain her trust and got her taking food from my hand, letting me pet her etc., but she was still skittish. Last week she started climbing up and perching on my hand, which was a really big deal and super rewarding. Today was my first day back and when I came in to the enclosure, she bobbed her head in excitement to see me and immediately wanted to get up on my hand and arm and did so several times, but my trust in her was still less that 100%.

My wife, who works in other parts of the sanctuary came into the enclosure so I could gets some pictures of her playing with one of the “nice” (and safe) birds. Then she took some pictures of me with Mercedes because I was so excited about how well it was going. All that went without incident.

A short while later, another volunteer I didn’t know who normally works with the birds on a different day entered the enclosure and Mercedes freaked out, came after me and clamped down on my thumb…hard. The working theory is that she had a PTSD flashback being in the presence of a man while a female provider she cares about was there.

Now I’m sitting in the hospital waiting room waiting to find out if I need stitches. It’s nothing serious, but will be a long wait and it’s great being able to catch up on Warriors news with y’all.

TL;DR: Ouch! WTF Mercedes?!

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Replacement players, A List:

Is Monte Ellis available? That would be sweet.

How about Monte Poole?

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73% of new US cases are Omicron now. That happened way too fast. Meanwhile, my 8 year-old son has cold symptoms and is at 100.2 F - seriously hoping he doesn't go any higher. Have the tests handy just in case.

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-Toronto is calling up Nik Stauskas of @NBAGrandRapids from the @nbagleague


-Minnesota is signing forward Chris Silva to a 10-day hardship exemption, sources tell ESPN.


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So, Kings still have 7 players listed out (6 because of Covid-related, one injury) but as far as I can tell, they haven't signed any replacement players. Warriors are supposed to have to sign two. Is there a time lag or something where they don't have to do it right away?

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More free agency signings:

-Sixers signing Tyler Johnson on a hardship exemption


-Lakers signing forward Jemerrio Jones of G League Wisconsin on a 10-day hardship exemption


-Lakers signing guard Mason Jones to a two-way contract from their G League affiliate South Bay Lakers


-Knicks signing guard Matt Mooney of the NBA G League's Mexico City Capitanes to a 10-day hardship deal


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I would be interested to see both Moody and Kuminga get minutes together next to Steph and Dray. The Kings look banged up (and not too good to begin with). Maybe the only opportunity this year I'd feel comfortable giving that some run.

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Who is going to be the Warriors' extra signee?

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Here's a list of teams and the players they have signed to their roster:

-Bucks- DeMarcus Cousins, Wesley Matthews

-Nets- Langston Galloway, James Ennis III, Wenyen Gabriel, Shaquille Harrison

-Bulls- Stanley Johnson, Alfonzo McKinnie

-Lakers- Isaiah Thomas

-Nuggets- Davon Reed

-Knicks- Tyler Hall, Damyean Dotson

-Cavaliers- Luke Kornet

-Magic- Freddie Gillespie

-Mavericks- Theo Pinson, Marquese Chriss

-Celtics- CJ Miles

-Raptors- Brandon Goodwin, Juwan Morgan

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