Games to pay attention for tonight:

-Hawks vs. Warriors (duh!)

-Hornets vs. Jazz

-Timberwolves vs. Mavericks

And if you're really interested in the Eastern Conference, you might want to check out the Heat vs. Knicks and the Clippers vs. 76ers games. If Heat loses and the Sixers win tonight, both teams will be 0.5 games apart from each other.

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Well whatever happens during the offseason we'll need to sign a legit backup C going into next year. I think we're entering the "caution zone" with Wise. If he's healthy cool, but we're going to have to operate as if he's never going to be available again. Can't afford to go another season with Loon by himself at the 5 spot.

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Not that Wiseman was ever going to get actual playoff minutes but now it's official. Let's just get healthy and do this.

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JW - hate to say I called it, but many like myself predicted that JW would not play this year. Even after Kerr predicted he’d be available for this year’s training camp, and Lacob predicted he’d play by Thanksgiving. It’s really too bad. He’s missed 3 years in a row; zero development since high school. I guess we’ll just have to hope for the best.

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Is JTA going to get any more non-garbage time minutes?

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Agree or disagree: Poole is a future All-Star and is a player you can build a team around.


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Mar 25, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Regarding lineups:


Speaks to the idea of slotting Wiggins/Klay into their proper roles by having sufficient shot creation around them and not having them be shot creators.

Would have liked if the tweeter included minutes though.

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Hawks stats:


8 in points scored!!!!!! (112.8)

19 in points in paint (45.8)

30 in fastbreak points (9.3)

3 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 in shooting % !! (46.7%)

3 in three point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (37.0%)

18 in two point % (52.8%)

18 in off. rebound % (22.8%)

15 in def. rebound % (76.9%)

12 in total rebound % (50.3%)

12 in opponent blocks (4.6)

7 in opponent steals!!!!!!!! (7.2)

14 in assists (24.4)

1 in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12.0)


22 in points allowed (112.2)

21 in opponent points in paint (48.2)

18 in opponent fastbreak points (12.3)

27 in defensive efficiency

25 in opponent shooting % (47.1%)

25 in opponent three point % (36.4%)

23 in opponent two point % (54.1%)

23 in blocks (4.4)

24 in steals (7.0)

24 in opponent assists (25.6)

27 in opponent turnovers (12.7)

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what was interesting to me to look at in the spreadsheet re line ups, is that the line ups with Klay and also with Moody and/or Kuminga are the two variables who drop the net rating down. Klay with the rest of the OG does ok

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Poole, Wiggs & Kuminga should be playing all non-Curry minutes. Throw in a combo of Big (Loon, Belly, OPJ) and Guard (Klay-DLee-GP2-Moody). Put the ball in Poole's hands and let them play a little more traditionally. The SYSTEM is Curry-Draymond. You can't force the system on a group that doesn't have the System players. Poole can replicate Curry, but no-one else can replicate Draymond. So why force it? The Dubs can go far if Kerr will allow his freaky self to come out and let his non-core players play to their strengths in the non-Curry/Dray combo minutes.

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The most surprising thing about this article is that Iguodala has *only* missed the last 19 games. It feels like much, much more.

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I can’t remember if Klay had the back to the basket turn around jumper in his bag of tricks before the injury? I love that shot from him, it looks smooth, seems to get him in rythym, and could be a guaranteed bucket like with SDot.

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Why Jimmy Butler Tried To Fight HIS OWN COACH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbnPOZOmLKI

Don't miss the Bemused and slightly smirky Jordan Poole cameo in the middle.

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Encouraging sight. Not in a boot or anything and looks like he's ready to get some work in on the court?

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Trying to integrate a possible future hall-of-famer who has the worst net rating on the team (so far) with the goal of winning a championship is proving to be a huge hurdle. If Kerr pulls this off, automatic Hall Of Fame for him!

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In George Leonard's fine book, "Mastery," Leonard describes the process of physical skill improvement as "reaching a plateau", followed by an attempt to integrate new skills, leading to a drop-off in performance, followed by a significant improvement in performance leading to another plateau. Repeat.

Klay is in the drop-off phase - integrating penetration and dribbling into his catch and shoot repertoire. By the times playoffs arrive, one of two things will have happened. Klay will have fully integrated the new skills and the mental game that accompanies it, making him a more efficient overall player; or he will be encouraged to return to catch-and-shoot Klay, also making him more efficient. In either case, fans will be happy, but if the first scenario plays out, we will be happier.

Defensively, Klay just needs game time. We've seen many instances of Klay's skill since his return - staying in front or chasing and blocking shots. This is more a case of him reacquiring dormant skills and adjusting to game speed. He'll be ready by the playoffs.

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