Postgame therapy thread: Warriors doomed by turnovers, fittingly enter All Star break with a loss

Almost had ‘em!

The Golden State Warriors are beginning to put it all together, but are still struggling. Tonight, they picked up their 43rd loss and will head into the All Star break firmly in position to win the tank battle.

This was a fun game, with two closely matched teams battling all the way to the end where Golden State came up just short. There was plenty to like about how the Warriors played tonight, so though the Suns took the game 112-106, we are all winners in our hearts.

As hard as it may be to hear, the Warriors aren’t playing for wins right now. Sure, they’d like to win, and the players are doing everything in their power to get some more marks in the wins column.

The team will have a solid week off, except for rookie Eric Paschall who plays in the Rising Stars game on Friday night.

As always, please remember that this is just a place for fans to vent and celebrate, we will have your full recap, with actual analysis and stats, tomorrow.

Till then, let’s celebrate the Warriors tremendous tank job this season. It’s very difficult to lose this many games. Even better, this is just a transient state for the Warriors. Steph Curry will be re-evaluated on March first, and should have 20 games or so to tune up with some of the new faces before the offseason.