I think I want them to take a wing like Okoro in the draft and to fill out the center position in free agency, not that that's super relevant to this thread. Anyways...

We need to give Poole more credit, he hasn't played point guard since high school, and in his first game as a starting point guard, he kept the pace up-tempot, only had two turnovers, and was pretty solid overall as a PG. Given that the position is often considered to have a very steep learning curve, he deserves some major props.

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The early returns on the Andrew Wiggins experiment are pretty darn good. If nothing else, he is a wildly better fit than D'Lo was. The defense is still a work in progress but that's to be expected with a group of guys that have barely had enough time to exchange hand shakes. I still think the Warriors should try to trade down in the draft as even Anthony Edwards doesn't look like a sure thing NBA player, let alone a star player, and there are a bunch of guys farther down that have almost as good a chance to stick around the league. LaMelo Ball might well be the closest to a "sure thing" and he comes with a lot of baggage that I don't think the Warriors really need. You can just image the griping if Kerr decides he would rather have Steph Curry as his starting point guard. On the other hand, LaMelo would be the most valuable in trade. Regardless of what they do in the off season, this team plus Curry and Thompson looks like a contender.

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Always been a fan of Chriss and now I'm just a mark. Also count me in as a Wiggins fan. I just hope he can keep that up but damn he's had an all star start to his Dubs tenure.

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Duby, are comments in chronological descending or ascending order in here? Today they seem to be all over the place...

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What happens with all the 10 days contracts after the 2nd renewal expires? Do we have enough for minimums? How many do we have? Pargo, Norvell, Toscano-Anderson...

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I don’t mean to sound like a D’AR hater but ever since the trade, the team is playing the brand of basketball Kerr wants and it’s a lot more enjoyable to watch. I didn’t like the trade at first not because I thought highly of D-Lo but I just didn’t like the return. It’s an extremely small sample size but I think Wiggins is going to fit in just fine. He’s showing a lot more effort on defense which is what I wanted to see. Minnesota is still going to be awful next year, we’ll get that pick which will probably be 9-12th

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The year of feel good losses continues. Thinking we have the tank parked in just the right spot. Right now, we've only got 12 wins and are holding down the worst record, giving us a two game "lead" over Cleveland (14 wins) and three games over Atlanta (15). The dreaded 4th-worst record in the league goes to Minnesota with 16 wins - it'd be quite a stretch to see the Warriors vault over all three of these teams over the course of the final 27 games. At our current pace, we'd only end up with 18 wins on the season. Things could change once Steph gets back, but even with him, chances are excellent that they'll finish in the bottom three.

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Each game, regardless of outcome, just gets me more and more hyped for next season

Dream outcome (personally):





Aron Baynes

Our pick

Trevor Ariza









Thats a fun championship contender right there, with some solid defensive chops.

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Chriss is absolutely a starting center in this league. He plays with edge and has improved dramatically throughout the season. A few bobbles on Defensive rotations and placement should not worry anyone. I hate to say it so early but the absolute All chips in gamble on Wiggins looks really good. If the Warriors use those extra 2nd round picks and the trade exception to get the Heats newest back up SF... a new death lineup might be born.

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I was super skeptical of Wiggins--still am, because this is still honeymoon and he's a streaky player--but if he keeps this up for the great majority of the rest of the season and comes back next year a consistent version of this player?

We'll have won this trade hands-down. Getting that 2021 pick is going to matter also because KAT and DLo are gonna be the No Defense All Stars.

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After Dub game, watched end of Laker-Denver OT game. Next year, the road to Finals for Dubs will definitely go through Lakers. Twin towers of McGee/Howard is something we need think about in Off-Season/Draft acquisitions; add, Davis' length and inside game, and, we have a team-building challenge ahead.

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Can we just fast forward to November 2020, please? :)

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Players in the three point era who have averaged 15 pts 10 reb 3 ast 2 blk per 36 in > 800 minutes:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Bill Walton

Shaquille O/Neal

Tim Duncan

Hakeem Olajuwon

David Robinson

Kevin Garnett

Vlade Divac

Chris Webber

Pau Gasol

Joel Embiid

Anthony Davis

Marquese Chriss

That's the complete list. And if you filter for .595 true shooting, it's just AD and Chriss.

Chriss is 22.

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Fucking remarkable box score line for Wiggins lol. I want to believe in those steal and block numbers.

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I'm super impressed with the how well the team flowed on offense and their solid communication on defense. Chriss has looked great for pretty much the whole season and you can tell his comfort level is there. Wiggins has been a pleasant surprise thus far. Loving his current intensity, but I expect his percentages on the 3-ball to dip eventually.

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Wiggins through three games: 25.1 pts per 36 on .701 true shooting with a (total) net +49 on/off.

Also, Quese is a freaking beast.

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Well, Marquese is awesome. Simple as that.

Wiggins is Great especially when you think Kerr is having him play the role targeted for next season.

Poole needs to keep playing some point. Maybe we actually go for a guard w length in the draft but Poole appears to be a capable back up point at 19 yo. Who knows?

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Top players:


Wiggins: (+9)

27 points 9/14 FGs 3/4 three pointers 6/6 FTs

4 rebounds 5 assists 2 turnovers 2 steals 4 blocks

Chriss: (+2)

18 points 7/11 FGs 0/1 three pointer 4/6 FTs

12 rebounds (2 off.) 3 assists 3 turnovers 3 blocks

Pargo: (+5)

15 points 6/11 FGs 3/5 three pointers

1 rebound 2 assists 2 turnovers

Honorable mention:

Paschall: (-7)

12 points 5/8 FGs 0/2 three pointers 2/2 FTs

6 rebounds (2 off.) 2 assists 3 turnovers

Poole: (+0)

12 points 4/12 FGs 2/7 three pointers 2/2 FTs

3 rebounds 3 assists 2 turnovers 1 steal


Booker: (+17)

27 points 8/22 FGs 2/8 three pointers 9/9 FTs

5 rebounnds 8 assists 5 turnovers 2 steals 1 block

Bridges: (+0)

14 points 6/12 FGs 2/4 three pointers

2 rebounds 1 assist 1 turnover 3 steals 1 block

Okobo: (+12)

12 points 5/9 FGs 1/4 three pointers 1/2 FTs

2 rebounds 3 assists 2 turnovers

Honorable mention:

Oubre Jr.: (-4)

15 points 5/16 FGs 3/10 three pointers 2/2 FTs

6 rebounds

Johnson: (+18)

9 points 3/6 FGs 3/6 three pointers

2 rebounds 1 assist 1 turnover 2 steals

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Final stats:


50.6% shooting (39/77 FGs)

11/31 three pointers

17/19 FTs

38 rebounds (4 off.)

27 assists

22 turnovers

8 steals

7 blocks


46.2% shooting (42/91 FGs)

14/37 three pointers

14/15 FTs

40 rebounds (8 off.)

25 assists

14 turnovers

14 steals

4 blocks

Points in paint:

Warriors: 54

Suns: 48

Fastbreak points:

Warriors: 9

Suns: 14

Points off turnovers:

Warriors: 21

Suns: 32

Bench points:

Warriors: 33

Suns: 37


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Great game!

Chriss really good again and Wiggins great game too. Very excited for this team

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Wow didn't realize both Omari and Jacob Evans now in Santa Cruz. Probably both get re-signed to the parent squad in off-season (as much as I hate Evans' fit)

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Can Chriss be a full time starter at the 5 on a winning team?

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