Steph is listed as questionable for the Hawks with left thumb soreness.

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We needed the other players to step up last night. I wonder if when Steph goes supernova, everybody else just kinda relaxes and thinks that Steph will save and win them the game. Steph provided the offense but the defense just broke down. And I can’t understand why Kerr was all praises for how the guys played. I admire Kerr’s cool and intelligent demeanor but sometimes I wish he would get clipboard like mad and light a fire under this team. Steph was really somber in his postgame interview and actually said it was a frustrating game. It was a privilege and entertaining to have watched another awesome game from Steph but, in the end, it was a sad footnote in the loss. And we really need a big. Kerr’s small ball style needs some changes inorder for this team to keep up with the other teams.

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Will An NBA Player Ever Make TWENTY 3's In A Game?? | BBallBreakdown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EErzgKqMGg

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Mar 16, 2023·edited Mar 16, 2023

RIP: Bobby Caldwell

The white guys who sound black club is one member shorter. Thank god we still have guys like Bill Medley, Michael McDonald, GEasy, Post Malone, Chris Mullin and Donte Divencenzo to carry the torch.

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Home vs. road stats:


10 in offensive efficiency!!

13 in off. rebound % (24.7%)

15 in def. rebound % (76.7%)

13 in total rebound % (50.9%)

14 in opponent points per game (111.7)

3 in defensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (44.9%)

1 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (32.4%)

9 in opponent two point % !!!! (53.0%)


15 in offensive efficiency

24 in off. rebound % (21.7%)

19 in def. rebound % (75.6%)

29 in total rebound % (47.3%)

29 in opponent points per game (124.1)

28 in defensive efficiency

26 in opponent shooting % (49.4%)

29 in opponent three point % (40.8%)

14 in opponent two point % (55.0%)

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An obvious comment that I have yet to see anyone make: They needed Anthony Lamb last night. All the little things he brings plus fresh legs. Would certainly have made a difference. Enough for a win? Who knows, but a positive difference.

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So much conjecture about why other teams and even their role players are shooting so well against us. What I’ve seen are guys getting into a rhythm which the home floor accentuates and sustains. Our combination of spotty defensive focus and strings of TOs imho invites our opponents who are already pumped up by the crowd (which, by the way is heavily sprinkled with blue and gold jerseys) to have big games against us.

I know that folks here marvel at the kind of Curry performance he turned in last night but I just couldn’t take watching the beating they were putting on themselves with all the TOs in the 2nd Q and turned the sad spectacle off. Curry 50 points in a loss is tragic. I also don’t want to see a Curry 60 or 70 L either. I’ll bet Steph would say he would have rather scored 10 pts with 10 assists and 10 rebounds in a win than set a scoring record in a loss. Nuff said.

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It's crazy to me how certain guys in the league will always get the benefit of the doubt on calls. What are they doing so different? Are they flopping in a certain way that forces a call? I just need some consistency in this league. Either call it for everybody or let them play... preferably let them play. We're not trying to see a free throw fest every night because guys are just jumping into defenders.

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A look at that amazing, circus like shot that ended with curry on the ground, the ball in the net and no foul call on the hits he took. https://youtu.be/yuTcd00DRwk

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I mean one could deduce if one is a deducer, that the StephCurry show is no longer enough to guarantee anything. If you don't get enough production out of the rest of your cast, the ratings go down. Which brings me to Draymond and his asinine insistence on getting T'd up. What's up with that when we needed to win that game for many reasons. Doesn't he realize it hurts the team more than it helps the team? He seems to suffer from a dislocated brain. Regime change just might be coming sooner than many think. How could a team like this not be able to win on the road any longer yet have a sterling record at home? This is some weird shit and I haven't heard any explanation from anyone that seems to ring true.

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After the last road trip my expectations were insanely low so last night didn't hurt too much. We didn't get blown out from the jump and we looked somewhat competent at times so that's good progress. IMO last night was a product of personnel mismatch and the good ole fashion "they outworked you" performance on the boards. Some of it was due to us being small but they also beat us to the spot more often than not. Let's learn to finish games on the road now.. yeah?

Also, Steph is pretty much having the 2016 unanimous MVP season all over again. Don't let this go to waste.

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They went 4-2 on the road in Jan. They are 3-24 on the road otherwise.

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As several commenters have pointed out, the distorted foul calls in the third quarter sunk the Warriors. OTOH, give credit to the Clippers and Westbrook. Their offensive rebounding and second chance points made a read difference. How many times did we see Westbrook get a rebound when surrounded by 3 or 4 Warriors? Too many, that's for sure.

Also, Steph was incredible, but I thought the team went away from Klay too soon. While he got 16 shots (shooting 37.5% on both 2 and 3 pointers), I think this is the low end of what his shot total should be.

Unnecessary turnovers (12 in the first half) also helped spell the Warriors' doom. On the plus side (Steph), there were no 20 point early deficits - the team looked like it came to play and win.

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There’s a theory I’ve seen before that Steph doesn’t get as many calls because Under Armour. Even the refs wear the swoosh, right?

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Westbrook figured out what to do when the D doesn’t guard you. Crash the boards. There’s also no one to box you out. Kuminga should do that when teams don’t guard him too.

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This game once again portrayed the inconsistent and lousy refereeing - Terence Mann would be breathed on by a dubs and got all the calls - other end,Steph gets hacked and pushed - no call. That stretch in the third quarter of huge free throw disparity turned the game. I think these types of inconsistent officiating must mess with a defenders ability to play and given that it is already tilted against them, makes it harder, especially for the Dubs on the road!

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