I wish Wiseman had PBJ's IQ. You can't teach feel for the game. Either you have it or you don't. I saw Kerr say when they first drafted PBJ that he would spend a lot of time in the G league. Bet money he's rethinking that. He better! And btw, PBJ looks taller than 6'9. He Looks to be in the 6'10 range at least. Seeing how he can rebound and pass in addition to his smooth asf shooting, I feel he can be a small ball stretch 5. I hope Kerr tries that with Dray, Klay Steph, and Wiggins. Looks like Bob Myers has struck gold again!! Imo, somebody who should be feeling a little uneasy after PBJ's game is brick shooting Kuminga. If he keeps playing with that low IQ and shooting bricks, he might find himself on the trade block in February. He's still has first round value. If he loses minutes to PBJ, he'll lose that value around the league. I trade the stock market. You have to ALWAYS no when to sell. Just sayin 🤷‍♂️

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I had concerns about Kuminga, but largely he's addressed them. He's consistently working hard on defense now. He was playing excellent POA defense in that second game (Wiggs-like, really). I don't see the low IQ part ... just a need to learn, which is understandable, given that he learned the game watching youtube videos.

HIs shooting has been in the toilet all summer, and that's a concern, but you can't have everything. He's still really young. He's been taking a lot of end of the clock bailout shots (these two games, and his national games over the summer). So, I think it's likely that his shooting is a little better than he's shown.

But, I do agree that Baldwin may push his way into the rotation this year ... need to see a few more games . I think he's more likely to steal minutes from Looney and Wiseman, though. Given his size, and that he's not nearly as quick as someone like Kuminga, stretch 5 seems to be his future. If he can get to say 50% of Looney's defense, he can be quite a weapon. And, I think he'll be better than that by the end of the year.

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PBJ height without shoes was measured at 6'9.25", so yeah by typical NBA convention of adding 1.5 inches to listed height for shoes, he is going to look like other guys listed as 6'10" out there, and being 19yo, maybe even grew like another quarter inch since.

As for Wiseman, top level BBIQ is hard to teach, but Wiseman also just lacks experience, especially on how to play like a true bigman; which is why the Warriors brought in Milojevic. He seems pretty coachable and accounts of him so far paint him as a hard worker. I have no reason to doubt his feel for the game will improve as he gains more experience. Wiseman's feel on defense already feels much better than his rookie year at least.

As for Kuminga. JK's defense has been great and reading between the lines (I recall Steph Curry talking about DPoY potential with JK), I'd bet the coaching staff has emphasized that for JK.

Offensively, last year when JK's role focused on being a play finisher, he put up 19.8 pts per36 on .600 TS%. These two preseason games, he's been playing with Wiseman who has gotten all the emphasis on being the play finisher, so JK has had to play the perimeter more, where his shooting and handle aren't developed (yet) for that role.

Also, Kuminga still doesn't turn 20 years old until this Thursday lol

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Feel for the game can absolutely be learned. It just takes lots of work. It's a skill, just like everything else. Wiseman has less high level basketball experience than frankly a lot of current rookies, and he plays a position that is notoriously slow to develop. He keeps improving, and that's what matters most.

This also seems like an unnecessarily negative take on Kuminga. As others have noted he seems to be trying to incorporate new aspects to his game, which also takes time. I doubt he's thinking twice about PBJ taking his minutes, nor should he. PBJ is going to be a SeaDub this year. He'll get some run with the big boys, but probably not a lot.

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Ok, I didn't say you can't learn or develop feel and IQ for the game. I said it can't be taught. You either have it or you don't. Some players walk onto the court with it from the jump. Players off the top of head like LeBron James, Chris Paul, Draymond Green for example. They walked onto the court with that feel and IQ from day one. I see that same thing in PBJ. I'm pretty sure Steve Kerr has taken notice. Players I don't see it in? Wiseman. I didn't see it in him last year or in the summer. I still don't see it. And also Kuminga, I don't see it in him either. This is not to say that either of them can't develop a better feel and IQ for the game. But when? How long will it take? And one more thing, you should slow your roll on PBJ spending most of this coming season in the G league. Based on what I saw Saturday night, if he keeps playing like that thru camp and in the rest of the preseason games, somebody's feelings are about to be hurt. PBJ will be in the rotation. Bet money on it! It's as simple as this. If he shows Steve Kerr that he can play, produce, and be trusted, then he will on the floor. Period! And btw, don't sleep on Travion Williams. He also has a natural feel and IQ for the game . The Warriors scouts are doing a helluva job!!!

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Oct 4, 2022·edited Oct 4, 2022

> I didn't say you can't learn or develop feel and IQ for the game. I said it can't be taught.

If it can be learned, young padawan, can it not also be taught? 🤔

> If he shows Steve Kerr that he can play, produce, and be trusted, then he will on the floor. Period!

Yep, and that applies to all the Warriors’ players. You’re begging the question by assuming it applies only to the players you like best.

> don't sleep on Tr[e]vion Williams.

He gone now, alas. 😞

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That was a numbers game on Williams. I saw on YouTube that the Warriors like him and let him go early to give him a chance to catch on with another team. If not, they plan to sign him to the Santa Cruz Dubs. He would be good insurance if Looney or Wiseman gets hurt. We'll see 🤔

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I also don't understand how anybody can look at what JK is doing now and feel that he's regressing. Here we are talking about a guy who used to do exactly what Rollins is doing. Attack first, pass never. At this point everyone knows what he can do offensively. Andre mentioned how his dunks on the video the Warriors put out came from cuts and rolling to the basket. As raw as he was, he had a period where he was putting up numbers. He's very good in the post. It's preseason right now and his weaknesses should get more attention, like a becoming a good FT shooter. In these 2 games he's shown some growth in setting good screens and playing within the offense. He's also shown that he's ready to deputise Wiggs for POA defender. Last year he showed glimpses of it. I remember when he gave DeRozan a hard time. He gave Kuzma a hard time in these 2 games. Not to mention poor Kispert. There's the possession where he was on Shackel and made him give up the ball, then rotated for a block. Moody got a dunk off the break. Those are the sort of things that'll earn him minutes in my view. Defend and rebound, finish plays. He can't suddenly become the shooter that Moody and PBJ are. Even PBJ said Kerr told him being a plus on defense is how he'll earn minutes. That was obviously before he showed out in Japan.

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Watched the second Japan game this evening. Fun stuff.

Steph was clearly playing like it was an exhibition game. He's going to have to score more efficiently if he wants to get another 50-point game this season. ;)

Draymond's 3 shot is still hella flat, but it went in twice, so OK.

I get the sense that all-star Wiggins is returning this season. He's killing it on defense, shooting it efficiently enough, and dunks with authority. You love to see it.

Looney, what a guy. So glad we kept him. He looks a lot like before, but if anything his BBIQ is even higher. He couldn't seem to find room to score from under the basket this game, but my guess is that's just rust or something.

Poole looks the same on offense and more defensively sound. He doesn't look like a kid who's satisfied with one championship.

JMG looks like the archetypal "unspectacular vet defending his job from rookies". He may have to relinquish some minutes but you know he'll be solid.

Wiseman still has a ways to go to prove he's more than a prospect, but he's definitely on the right track. His hands are still questionable, but his arms add legs are looooong and it looks like he finally knows where to put them. He's definitely going to own since highlight slams before this season is out, but it remains to be seen if his net impact will be good enough yet.

Kuminga's defense looks better than ever! I have a feeling he may plateau or struggle a bit finding his place and balance on offense, but defensively he's looking like he has the potential to be elite. That'll keep him on the floor, and his insane scoring talent will eventually stabilize.

Moody already looks like he's a lock in the rotation, playing those DLee minutes. The audacity of some of those plays late in the second game, hot damn! He's been the quiet kid (or the young old man?) so far but he's clearly got a killer instinct. I love the chemistry he's got going with Kuminga already, too.

DDV looks like a solid rotation player. Game 2 wasn't as great as 1 but he clearly still has smarts & hustle, plays good positional & help defense, and he's figuring out the Warriors system quickly.

Weatherspoon looked reasonable. Nothing all that impressive, but he ran the Warriors system and didn't make a bunch of mistakes.

Trevion Williams, speaking of figuring out the Warriors system, is so fun to watch. The holes in his game probably keep him in Santa Cruz for now, but in addition to passing, he clearly was driving the motion offense (something that was sorely lacking in game 1 when the training-camp non-guaranteed guys were in) and held up OK in the paint.

Quinones, I can't say I'm impressed by. He seemed a little out of sorts.

PBJ, I am impressed that someone this intriguing was available 28th in the draft. Feels like he could be quite the steal if it really was just a health issue.

Rollins, I didn't see anything to be excited about. Really unclear what inspired the team to commit those resources to signing him, but after seeing Poole's improvement year-to-year I can see why the team wants guys on longer contracts.

McClung seems like a borderline NBA guard, who showed a good combination of scoring and creating. Hope he sticks with the organization whether or not he gets the 2-way. His performance in the clutch was legit.

Pat Spencer is also a pretty intriguing guy to have in training camp. I know lacrosse isn't a huge sport compared to basketball, but his success there shows some serious athletic ability and you can see how his basketball fundamentals are solid.

Overall I'm excited for the season to get going!

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McClung can’t get a 2-way because I’d the Exhibit 9 contract he chose to sign. Either rostered or gone with him.

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I am probably making this up, but... Do you think the Japan trip commraderie could help some of the fringe guys stay on the SCW bandwagon? Like let's say Travion, McClung, etc -- any chance they forgo other team 2-way offers to play for the Sea Dubs just based on the connections built? I would guess it would be very hard to pass up a 2-way offered by another team, but at the same time I like to dream.

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No way any of them pass on a 2-way offer to play fulltime G-league.

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Yea. Minimum for two-way is $500k. The highest paid players in the GL (eg. Jalen Green) are in that ballpark while the minimum is ~$40k.

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Definitely. I do think though that it's a case by case thing. For McClung it doesn't make much sense as he's done this before, and it may not result in a roster spot with the Warriors looking at how packed the backcourt is. For my guy Trevion though, I think there's a better chance to earn minutes on this team. He also needs a spot on A team. Being on the warriors, especially 2-way, means access to good coaches. There's a reason he went undrafted and if he doesn't improve in those areas then he's unlikely to stick in the NBA. I would bide my time at the place I feel is best for my development. He may get more playing time on other teams but will he develop enough?

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I have multiple homes and majority investment in high end commercial real estate on Moody Island, but damn somebody needs to teach that man a real pump fake.

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Oct 3, 2022·edited Oct 3, 2022

Looney didn't understand the pump fake for years. There is still time to learn!

Edit: Looney first 3-4 years: catch the ball. Pump fake. Pump fake. Pump fake. Pump fake. Try to shoot and get blocked.

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Small sample size but like many here... PBJ just looks mature out there. He gives off trustworthy vibes just like Moody. There was one defensive play where he calmly stayed on his feet to contest, no typical rookie biting on jump fakes and all.

Also really want Trevion Williams to work out, but I know that's further out...

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Oct 3, 2022·edited Oct 3, 2022

Did you hear that?! That collective pop in the comments on PBJ is like the cracking sound of ball on the sweet spot of the bat. To take a swing at a slider on the 28th pick (2-2 count?) and crush it? Bob Myers take a bow yet again...

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A "Myers Lemon" is soon going to be a synonym for "he should have gone in the top 10".

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So, how many "diamonds in the rough" do we have?

I'm totally OK with this but I'm thinking it's up to six at this point with Poole's diamond already being polished.

Yes I know some of our current group are top 10 picks but they were still the "high ceiling" type that you had to trust could take that next step.

Light Years.

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hmm... gonna interpret this in a different way:

What is the ceiling of our current youth movement?

here's optimism:

MVP candidate: Wise, JK

Multi-year All-Star: Moody, JP, PBJ

regular starter/one time All-Star: Rollins, Gui

here's realism:

Multi-year All-Star: Wise, JK, JP, PBJ

regular starter: Moody

rotation player: Rollins, Gui.

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Hard to project the new guys yet since we've barely seen them play, but Poole is #1 and Moody's ceiling > Wiseman/Kuminga's ceilings imo.

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>>>Moody's ceiling > Wiseman/Kuminga's ceilings

Could you explain this a bit? I'm high on Moody's potential as well, but not seeing how he has a higher ceiling than those other two.

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I would be thrilled if we reached your realism, lol.

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they're ceilings, not most likely. But remember that they have to be high enough so that once the vet core retires, they are still a championship contender.

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how good do you think Moody/JK/Wise/JP/PBJ have to turn out to be legitimate championship contenders?

If it's 2 all stars with a fringe MVP candidate, I think we might have a decent shot.

good starter: Moody, PBJ

All stars: JP

Maybe 10th in MVP voting: JK, Wiseman.

It seems like almost all championship teams (like 9/10?) have a MVP candidate... it would be nice if we win a championship without one, but just a kick-ass starting rotation.

Although TBH, it's still a bit hard to imagine a team whose MVP engine is JK or Wiseman.

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I think you're right on the money. An MVP and 2 All-Stars plus some decent depth and reg. starters. I don't know if it gets done with no MVP candidate. They'll compete, sure, but will they win? Looking at history, no. Every winner in the recent past has had an MVP candidate: Bron, Steph, Giannis, or Kawhi.

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Maybe the closest to not having true MVPs could be gleaned from the finals losers: Celtics, Sun, Heat? Not as familiar with teams pre-2008, but maybe Pistons 2004 (admittedly won) and Dallas 2006 (lost) seem like another one of those potential unicorns.

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How do you define “realism” ceiling vs “optimism” ceiling? Seems a bit odd to differentiate…

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Oct 3, 2022·edited Oct 3, 2022

Optimistic ceiling is a ceiling by a fan with rose-colored glasses. Realistic is more like what a national analyst would grade.

Basically, the fanboy in me wants the former to be true, but the more realistic part of me thinks that more people would say the latter are more appropriate ceilings for the guys in question.

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I mean, as long as we're being optimistic, why not say everyone's ceiling is MVP? I don't see any reason to put arbitrary limits what people can become. ;)

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I think the national media would bump all our guys down from your list… but its whatever… you do you

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deletedOct 3, 2022·edited Oct 3, 2022
Comment deleted
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Rollins is still TBD. And don't forget about our guy Gui in SC.

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Finally watched the game.

PBJ is going to play the league for Smuckers. That shooting! Nice hit-ahead pass to McClung, too.

I liked the defensive energy from Poole and Kuminga.

Little worried about JMG ... gambled on a steal once, and had an obvious reach-in. Not what you want to see from a vet. Early days, though ... maybe he just doesn't know where to be yet.

Rollins seems to be this year's early-season Oubre ... get the ball, shoot the ball. Hope they coach him out of that quickly.

Damn if McClung isn't making me look like an idiot (not that it's hard).

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Lol, got me, I'm a smucker for good bad pun. Have a "like".

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Is this also the open thread? Because the Lakers sound like the anti-Warriors -- with a core of three guys who are all intent on getting theirs. What could go wrong?


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What I want to know is which one of them is going to screen for the other guys. It sure isn't going to be Russ (.3 screen assists in 35m/game) or LeBron (1 in 35m/game). AD averages almost 2 and Damien Jones appears to have become a decent screen-er but having one guy drive the lane while the other guys wait on the perimeter for a pass isn't going to work well against disciplined defensive teams. For that matter I'm not sure 34 year old Russ can be 28 year old Russ anymore and that was the last year he was actually good.

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Klay is famous for saying “I’m not going to sacrifice ()&@“ when KD arrived. The warriors stars are intent on getting theirs too

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Seems pretty different to me. The Laker guys are basically saying that their new plan is whoever gets the ball will go get theirs. That was /never/ the Warriors plan. Klay, more than Steph or Durant, pretty much had a gunner role on offense. But even he was not designated to take shots whenever he got the ball.

But hey, I haven't seen it in action. Maybe the LAL will look less selfish than it sounds. But as I hinted in my comment, I can see this going south really fast.

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But then he did.

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No, he didn’t. Still played winning ball and still got up hella shots… and a nice new max contract.

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But that's because he already did. It's part of the system. He didn't have to change because the system *is* team ball and involves screening and off-ball work by many of its moving parts, no matter which players they may be.

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The way I took it is that winning isn't a sacrifice. The fact that some think playing winning ball means "sacrificing" something seems pretty foreign to me.

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Oct 3, 2022·edited Oct 3, 2022

I took it that Klay's role on those teams was to shoot every chance he got because he was going to make a helluva lot of them. He didn't pass as much as the others, you didn't see him racking up assists, because he was supposed to shoot the rock. That did not change when KD came. Edit adding to this: The discussion at the time Klay said that had to do with there just being one ball and all those shooters, so was Klay going to give up shots for KD. And he wasn't.

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^^ what he said

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These comments are on fire! Godzilla has risen again, quite comically, in Japan. Live action content, what a wonderful world.

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I LUV lil mac...12 mins of flawless sparkplug bball....

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For those that didn't get to watch the 3-pt contest, Slater has a good write up of it here:


Gotta love the Athletic beat writers:

The Wizards and Warriors were each told to send a pair of two-player teams out for the 3-point contest. Washington went with Jordan Schakel and Kyle Kuzma, followed by Corey Kispert and Johnny Davis. Both flopped. The Warriors opened with Moses Moody and Jordan Poole, the biggest competitors to Curry and Thompson.

As the first three groups went, an amped-up Thompson stretched near the bench area and wandered around with that anxious muttering vibe he often exudes when he’s trying to get in a zone. Somewhat surprisingly — since the night had been low-effort for all involved to that point — you could tell Thompson was really into it. He wanted to perform well in his only on-court event of the weekend.

Slater continues with a great writeup of the Poole/Klay contract situation and how it serves as a backdrop for their competition, and gives context to phrases like Klay's “It was nice to humble Jordan Poole.”

Also, Klay health update:

The most newsworthy basketball note from the trip came from Thompson. After winning that combo 3-point contest, he was asked about the training staff’s cautionary approach to hold him out of both Japan games. Thompson revealed that he hasn’t yet been cleared to scrimmage as he eases his way back into playing shape.

That slow build up is needed because Thompson didn’t play pickup basketball all summer.

“Popping my Achilles (in a 2020 offseason scrimmage), it was really hard for me to get out there and … mentally, it was hard. It’s hard to explain,” Thompson said. “It’s like a mental block in a way. I’m going to face it one day. But this past season was so taxing, coming back, win a championship and then a month later – Play? It was a lot.”

Thompson called the upcoming week of practices a “big week” for him. Kerr wouldn’t commit to putting Thompson in a scrimmage yet, but he’s already done contact work and should be nearing that stage.


This vid gets kinda emotional in the second half as Klay talks about the mental aspect of returning from his injuries.


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Man, seeing the mud on the backs of these guys made me nervous for a sec that Steph would actually spar with them and end up on the ground and risk injury.

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Our best chance would have been to send Trevion in there.

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Golden State Warriors offseason recap: Grades, preseason tier, changes, end of 2022-23 goal

By Zach Harper:


Grade: C+

I don’t think the moves the Warriors made this offseason made them better, but their improved health and growth of the young guys could very well make this team a lot more formidable.

Once again, the Warriors have to prove they’re worthy defending champions because people don’t seem to want to grant them their dynasty status. ... Now that they’ve returned to the top of the league, the Warriors’ downfall will be prayed for by some in 2023. And if this team is healthy, maybe all you can do is pray that they won’t embarrass you and won’t beat you.

This machine is still unstoppable at times.

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The problem I have with these draft grades is that they rarely take into account a team's circumstances. Not signing Payton should not be viewed as a negative when they are so far over the cap. Retaining Looney should be viewed as an incredible positive because of the extra tax dollars the Dubs will have to put out. I would rather teams be graded on choices they made against other available choices, rather than ding a team for not making a move that was outside the realm of possibility; like retaining both Looney & Payton. If you want to argue that they should have kept GP2 over Loon, I will listen to that. I thought it was just another run-of-the-mill 3-run homer from the front office. DDV is a steal. JMG will be a useful hard-nosed vet. The retained Andre. And in 3 years, PBJ will be a top ten redraft. I guess when you are traveling at Light Years Speed, people can't see what you see.

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If the Dubs had kept GP2 instead of Loon, we wouldn't get anywhere close to the Conference Finals this coming playoffs. BobGod would be thrown off Mt. Olympus. I like GP2 a lot, and he was fun to watch, but Loon is vastly more important to this team. You surely don't want to go into this season with Wiseman as the only true 5, or maybe Wiseman and Trevion or Dwight Howard, do you? If we play Dray at the 5 for extended minutes, he'll be injured by playoff time. We need Loon. We will do just fine without GP2.

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If that includes drafting PBJ, I think C+ will end up looking harsh by the end of the season.

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Agreed. It's def. worth quibbling over whether Bob should've matched GP2's contract, but blurbs like the following are just flat-out wrong, IMO. A healthy J-Dub is a clear improvement, even if the FO didn't have to make a move to make it happen.

Changes to Golden State's Bigs

Did Golden State improve here?

No real changes here. Draymond Green will obviously see a lot of time as a big, but they’re not going to overuse that unless they have to. The Warriors are banking on a healthy Wiseman being a part of the rotation. The deal they got for Looney to return feels like a steal after the way he played in the postseason.

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Re-signing Looney is the sleeper of the off-season moves. It should not be underestimated, but I think it has been. As you say the way he played in the postseason was impressive. He has rediscovered his ability to rebound, which he had in college, now that he's healthy. I think he will be even better this year.

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I continue to be impressed by how Looney is always in the right place on the court. His BBIQ is just off the charts.

It was evident the entire time he was on the court during the second Japan game. The guy's a fricking genius at basketball.

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Oct 2, 2022·edited Oct 2, 2022

Two-way Scorecard after Japan



QW. Good showing on Thursday. Only played 5 minutes yesterday, mostly invisible. But I think the coaches already know what they have in him. Still has a solid lead to take this position. Grade: B

LQ: DNP Sunday. Played 8 minutes Thursday. Showed aggressiveness in transition, but mostly invisible. Likely lost some ground. Grade: C+



Mac McClung: sparkplug performance lead to a comeback for the bench. 12 minutes, 9 points, 2 assists, 2 Reb, +20. Seemed more willing to pass than summer league, but I'd still like to see more from him. Definitely challenging LQ for that second 2-way spot at this point. Grade: A-.

Trevion Williams. Eye-popping performance with some sweet passing out of the post. But also flashed a really ugly 3 pt shot twice. Seems to have a better paint game than I expected, tho. Picking up 7 Reb's in 10 minutes for both games, and finishing over the rim once. Also flashed a paint mid-range that looked good. Great showing overall and has moved himself from a fairly certain SCW stash into the 2-way convo. Grade: A-.

Dark horses:


Pat Spencer: Showed off a lot more athleticism than people expected, as well as some sweet court vision in a dime to PBJ. Still not in the running, but will be interesting to follow in SC this year. Grade: B+.

Ty Jerome: DNP, but just signed. Wing that played for OKC and Suns last 3 years. Last year of 2-way eligibility. Career .344 3Pt shooter averaging 15pt/5a/4r over 36 min. he's NBA level talent who's already proven he can play in this league. Catapults himself into immediate discussion for second 2-way spot. Grade: N/A


Final rankings for both 2-way spots. Numbers represent likelihood of landing the 2-way:

QW: 70%

TJ: 40%

LQ: 30%

McM: 30%

TW: 20%

PS: 5%

Other: 5%

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I would say LQ not playing second game was because his 2-way is already locked up. He was Wiseman's roommate at Memphis, he is an aggressive on-ball defender (they can't all be positional defenders) and I think they have good background knowledge on him (having played for Penny H who they are well connected with.) They picked him up right after the draft, so that tells me they have had eyes on him since the Wiseman draft. At best they see a Damien Lee role player, at worst a close friend of J Dub and nothing wrong with surrounding your 'potential' future star with a little home grown emotional support buried in the G League.

(Hey Dallas, why didn't you sign Goran???? One of Luca's idols and BBFs. Dumb asses.)

I think Rollins pretty much took QWs spot on the 15-man. They dropped 2m and some of the TPMLE $$ on him to add a year to his contract. No way Dubs promote QW and go deeper into tax just to play limited minutes instead of Rollins.

If they keep QW on his current 2-way, it's more for his experience than his play. I see him as the G League equivalent of Andre. He knows his way around, he can help the younger guys with minor shit while Andre is teaching an advanced course in venture capitalism. So, he sticks around for being a good soldier. The only thing that knocks him off is a Trev or McClung that show the Warrior's FO that they could give the big team NBA minutes, Chiozza kind of minutes, even if garbage time.

Haven't seen Ty for a while so no comment there. I guess I am not looking merely at the play in front of me, but wondering if the FO is tipping their hand in the way they acquired these players.

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Oct 2, 2022·edited Oct 2, 2022

I disagree with a lot of this. I highly doubt LQ has a spot locked up. I think he didn't play game 2 was b/c not enough minutes to go around and the coaches wanted to see more of the other end of the bench guys.

I think QW, if he makes it, will spend a good portion of the season with the big-league club. he'll be essentially the first 2-way contributor off the bench, and could see minutes in a bench role whenever the vet core rests a game on back-to-backs.

I see RR and QW as very different spots. RR is basically the 3rd PG/ballhandler off the bench or is being groomed to fill that role this season. he'll see lots of G-league time, but will also get blow-out minutes and more to try and cement that role. he's the Chiozza of this season whereas QW is more of a backup wing/POA defender. QW will play more of a JTA role when he gets to play and will get into games for defense, not ballhandling.

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> Showed off a lot more athleticism than people expected

If people weren't expecting it then they should examine why. He's arguably the greatest lacrosse player of all time and has a highlight reel at Northwestern that suggests he can get around.

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Great summary, thanks.

Your percentages make this all seem so very scientific!

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All based on many mathz. Equationz. Spreadsheetz. Machine Learning. So scientific. They are not pulled out of my ass. No sirree. I would never do that.

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‘Math is merely a description of the possible, the day dreams of angels.’ Some Guy.

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Some random thoughts on the new guys...

* Trevion Williams brought some really good energy hitting the boards (6 rebs in 8 min)

* In addition to the good shooting and nice passing, PBJ just understands how to keep the ball moving... always split second decisions on swinging the ball or making a move.

* Rollins hasn't shown much in terms of scoring but I like his vision.

* Again, Pat Spencer has tree trunks for legs. But, seriously, anyone see him box out that big man under the hoop to get the rebound? Also, he also has a good feel for the team game as well... some really nice reads and passes... probably second nature given his lacrosse background.

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RE: Spencer. Can you imagine being such a good athlete that you could pick up a new sport and play borderline professional level? That's just insane. I'm rooting for the guy.

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